My Saturday 9-14-19

Today has been a busy and good day. Elisabeth and I went to the thrift store today to look for clothes and a napkin holder. I ended up finding a really lovely floral shirt kimono type thing, words are escaping me right now about what this is so I’ll take a picture another time and post. I’m trying to be more intentional with what clothes I choose which to me, means floral and botanical prints all the way if I’m going with a print. I also found a fake plant and a gorgeous wooden bowl that I grabbed to beautify up the apartment.

But what was really exciting about the thrift store trip was that I found out there is a clothing brand with my name – Lauren Michelle. I could not believe it. Did perhaps I step into another dimension for a moment where my other dimension self has a clothing company? Perhaps. i left the shirt in the store so I may never know.

We ran a couple other errands after that, and then came home for a bit. We put together the litterbox enclosure that I had purchased so that Elisabeth and I wouldn’t have to stare at a litterbox all the time. I’m pretty sure I’ll need to buy a new litterbox because of how massive Pippin’s currently is but it will be worth it. The enclosure is now next to our couch so we can use it as a side table. Double purpose!

In the afternoon we headed out to Pizza Palooza for an hour and a half of eating pizza from different Colorado restaurants. Oh boy, while I didn’t overeat quite like I did at the cheese festival years ago, I still did overeat so when we got home I just sat in my computer chair and groaned. But rewind to the event, I enjoyed myself as I walked around and grabbed slices of pizza from lots of places I had never heard of and a few I had. My favorite pizzas were a Puerto Rican inspired pizza from Rose & Thorn and a mac and cheese pizza from Ian’s Pizza. Rose & Thorn’s pizza had plantain on it that totally made it for me, the flavor combination was on point. Ian’s mac and cheese pizza was creamy and delicious. There was a sausage pizza I had that I liked as well but I can’t remember which place that came from, sadly. Or is it sad? Maybe it means I need to have another pizza day out.

Anyways, Elisabeth and I had our pictures taken by an official looking guy so I’ll be on the lookout to see if our faces make it on any articles or websites! I felt very cute in my summer dress and cat hat. In fact, one of the pizza guys even mentioned my cat hat, thank you very much, it is adorable.

We made it back home eventually where I sold a bench to a redditor! I mention it because I’m proud of selling something and I’m happy that the bench is gone. I thought ti would work in the apartment but with the couch in our space, Elisabeth and I realized we didn’t need the bench. It just wasn’t fitting in the space. Gene didn’t want it back and gave me the go ahead to sell it. I feel a bit sad to let it go as I liked that piece of furniture, but it really wasn’t used, even when it was at the house, so I’m not going to feel that bad. Our space is looking so snazzy now. I’ll have to take some pictures and share them on here.

Later in the evening I made more strawberry jam, probably the last time I’ll make it until next summer as I imagine strawberry season is at an end. I hope it turned out okay, although I am a little suspicious, as, towards the end of the process, the mixture smelled a little burnt. I tasted it and it tasted fine so I’m hoping that one small swipe of jam will translate to the entire batch. However, I think if I continue to make jam and to can in general, I’m going to need a more professional set up and better supplies. Using salad tongs and the pot we have is not quite cutting it. Guess I’ll be adding some stuff to my Amazon wishlist in the near future! Now I’m relaxing for the remainder of the evening as tomorrow will be another day full of fun so I need to rest up.

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