My Sunday 9-15-19

This morning I met up with my friend, Aeri, at English Tealeaves, a tea shop in Parker. While tea is not generally my thing, scones are, and this place offers them so I was down for giving it a go. For $9 you get two scones with clotted cream and your choice of jam. I thought the scones weren’t sweet enough and I would have preferred them without cranberries. The clotted cream tasted a tiny bit odd to me so I ended up eating my second scone with only the raspberry jam. The jam itself was quite tasty. I felt a bit disappointed in the dish but I am pleased I tried it. I wish English scones were more of a thing in the United States because then I figure I could find some I really enjoy. I guess it means I’ll have to work on finding a recipe I can make that really hits the spot. I wanted to look around the shop after we ate but one of the staff mixed some chemicals in the back that caused the entire place to smell quite strongly so they closed the store. In fact, they had us finish our food outside on their patio because of how strong the shop smelled. It was probably a good thing anyway, I don’t need to spend money on a teacup and it was a lovely morning that being outside lifted my spirits.

After finishing my scones, I met up with my other friend, Brittany, at Tagawa Gardens to help her shop for some house plants. We spent a couple of hours roaming around the store, checking out the giant variety of plants that Tagawa has. They really have a fantastic selection, I was impressed and reminded about how much I have to learn still. While I was tempted, as always, to purchase a plant or two, they were pricier than I wanted so I held off from purchasing anything. I think Nick’s Garden Center may be the cheapest place to get house plants around here. I’ll have to visit them again sometime soon and see what they have again. But I really am trying to hold off on buying any more plants until I have a full time, permanent job. However, while I try not to buy plants, I did buy some shelves yesterday that I’ll put above my desk and in the kitchen to hold future plants. I had a gift card and a coupon so I didn’t feel too guilty spending some money. Turns out it’s kind of hard to stop spending money on things even when I don’t really have an income. It can be a struggle so I do my best.

While I didn’t buy any plants, Brittany did! She got herself a truly lovely snake plant that I am envious of and a cute pair of succulents. I think if she can keep those two plants alive for a month or so, I’ll have a house plant loving buddy to go shopping with. She was definitely into plants and it was great to geek out over them with her.

After saying goodbye to Brittany I stopped at the library to pick up a book about food and a book about fashion. I had come across the food book in a Reddit AMA by Alton Brown (he has a new show I want to watch). Little did I know how absolutely gigantic this food book would be. Flipping through it this afternoon I think it’s not quite the book for me but I’ll look at it again at least one other time before returning it. The fashion book is by my heroine, Summer Rayne Oakes and is about eco/sustainable fashion.

I start my temp job tomorrow, have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, and hopefully have a second interview on Thursday so this week is going to be busy, new, and a little stressful perhaps. But I’ll also see Kaitlin, watch more Great British Bake Off, water my plants, enjoy the sunsets, and hopefully go on a few walks. I hope tomorrow is the start of me no longer being jobless. While I don’t love the idea of not having every day off work any longer, I would like the comfort of knowing I am making money. Why I can’t I live in a society where no one works? Chop chop people, let’s get there sooner rather than later! 😉

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