My day 9-16-19

Back from my first day of work and while I didn’t even work a full 8 hours and the work itself was real easy and boring, I be tired. My body hasn’t had to work for 3 1/2 months so I think it’ll take me a week or two to get into the swing of things again. With that said, I’m glad I have this temp job because I do well with schedules, I like money, and it’s nice to interact with people on a regular basis. I like the people I met today and hope I can get to know them better over the next month, or however long I have with them. What’s also nice about this job? It’s a 15 minute or less drive from my apartment. Oh my gosh do I love that. Oh, and there’s a beautiful courtyard area that I can walk around in and eat lunch at, it’s pretty sweet.

So I made it through a day of work, helped make this delicious new recipe (roasted chicken and vegetables), and backed this adorable kickstarter (houseplant enamel pins). I also took down the chicken wire from the balcony as painters will be repainting the thing over the next week. That means Pippin won’t be able to go outside, at least not without supervision, for more days than I would prefer but it is what it is. Guess I better go play with him so he can get some energy out!

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