Apartment living

Elisabeth’s and my apartment is really coming together and I am loving it. Having a clean, beautiful space to come home to and chill in really helps and lifts my mood. The teal couch was a fantastic choice too, fyi. The both of us have done a really exceptional job of keeping our home clean and it makes me feel great. I honestly think that this space is helping me heal and get back to a more normal life.

And in regards to normal life, I went to the blood doctor yesterday and my platelets have almost tripled in number! That’s right, they’re going up. Thank you steroids, modern medicine, and doctors. I’ll have to be on steroids for a while longer, of course, but I’m taking this as a sign that my body was reacting physically to the emotional roller coaster I have been on with this divorce. Well, I can handle almost anything these days and overcome almost anything as well and that means both my emotions and my physical well being. I’m rocking my life. I have been feeling mostly positive for the past few days and am encouraged by this outlook. One positive of the steroids I’m on is that I don’t get as tired in the evening. It’s a new experience for me, I’ve always been someone to go to bed early and now I can’t really do that. It’s weird but maybe kind of cool, however I will be ready to go back to my 10:15pm bedtime when this is all done.

In addition to the doctor yesterday, Elisabeth and I put up shelves above the kitchen table. After watering my plants, I started moving them around (minus the ficus lyrata which is supposedly a baby when it comes to moving) and am loving this mini urban oasis that I am creating. It does mean that the plant shelf by the balcony is now fairly bare, but I’m okay with it because there’s plants all over the rest of the space now. Eventually I’d like to replace the plastic white shelf (that’s now bare) with one of those ladder shelves that rest on the floor and put plants and art on it. I definitely need to pace myself though until I’m more secure in whatever job I end up getting. I did go to Nick’s Garden Center and King Soopers on Sunday and bought myself two pots for plants that are still in their nursery pots and I bought a great looking, giant, snake plant. I might end up breaking up the snake plant at some point ’cause there’s at least five plants in that one pot but for now they’re going to hang out as is. I love all my plants! They make my space feel so welcoming and lovely and relaxing. Come over sometime and you’ll see. 😉

I hope you enjoy the pictures of my apartment on this post as much as I enjoy them. This may not be the life I envisioned for myself but gosh darn it I’m trying my hardest and best to make it a life I love and enjoy. Nothing new there though, that’s who I’ve always been, sometimes I just need that reminder. I still feel betrayed and sad sometimes, and I imagine I’ll feel that way for the rest of my life in varying degrees, but I think I’m managing those feelings better and better. This is definitely a process so love to all my friends and family who are helping me through it!

One thought on “Apartment living

  1. Beautiful blog from a beautiful person. So glad your apartment, life and health are coming together. Your apartment is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see all your latest updates. You are my sunshine!

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