What I like Wednesday

I believe it’s time I bring back What I like Wednesday. I’ve been meaning to bring it back for a few weeks now but then I kept forgetting and would remember on Thursday and I couldn’t bring myself to post on a Thursday! How could I?! But this week, I’ve finally remembered so here I am! Here’s what I like this week:

My mother and her gifs

For those that know my mom, she does her best to maneuver around the internet but she’s definitely not the most savvy when it comes to memes and current internet trends, so when she started sending me some really awesome, on point gifs to cheer me on through my divorce, it was definitely a surprise. She always sent the perfect gif for that day that made me laugh or smile. I don’t know how she did it but she has done such a fantastic job that she deserves a shout out. She has sent me gifs from The Simpsons, Napoleon Dynamite (probably my favorites), Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Charlie Brown, and many other just plain, beautiful and lovely images.

Katie’s gratitude journal

Katie surprised me a few weeks ago by sending me a gratitude journal. Now, that in itself is awesome and loving but the really cool thing is that she got herself one too. So every day when I write the three things I’m grateful for, I think about how Katie does this same thing too and it makes me smile. At first I wasn’t very consistent with it, but now that I have a temp job, I’ve started getting into a routine and that means every morning at breakfast I fill out my journal. I think it’s a really lovely way to start my day and get going in a positive and appreciative mood. I’m grateful Katie thought of me!

Great British Bake Off: Season 9

Before getting my temp job I had lots of time on my hands and lots of emotions to work through (who am I kidding, I continue to work through them now ;P) and I tried to make it a priority that some of my time each day was spent relaxing. Enter: Great British Bake Off Season 9. I’ve watched a few seasons of this show before but started this new season up and absolutely fell in love. The hosts, Sandy and Noel, are fabulous and I cannot say how endearing they were as they showed their genuine love, concern, and support to all of the contestants. And then there were the contestants. They all seemed to have real friendships with one another that I hadn’t quite seen before. I liked every single one of them, which also had never happened. If you have Netflix or some other method of watching the show, I recommend you stop what you’re doing and start the first episode now. It’s relaxing and inspiring.

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