My days 9-27 and 9-28

Both yesterday and today were, overall, really great days. I quite enjoyed work, mostly because I had stuff to do the entire day, which is rare for me, and I got to chat with some of my coworkers a bit which made me feel happy and welcome. Then, immediately after work, Lydia met me at my car, with fresh cut flowers in an antique English vase and we spent the rest of the evening together. While we did talk about the divorce, what led up to it, and my feelings about it, (and I cried), it wasn’t bad or a negative experience in the slightest. Lydia listened and asked questions and it was good to be able to tell her my experience and perspective, face to face.

We made bbq chicken nachos, a classic in this apartment home, and played a very loosey goosey round of Code Name Pictures before jetting off to High Point Creamery for ice cream. This was the place where I tried ice cream with cornbread in it and loved it so I was hoping to dazzle Lydia with the high quality tastes. I got sweet cream pear coffee cake flavor this time around but was slightly disappointed as there wasn’t very much pear flavor, I think it got a bit lost. Still, it was light and tasty enough that I ate it all.

This morning I got up, grabbed Lydia, and we went to Tokyo Premium Bakery. I hadn’t taken her there yet so when she said she could spend a couple hours with me this morning, I knew what we had to do. Bakery and then Botanic Gardens for their fall plant sale. I got an extremely delicious egg and bacon pastry, which I had never had before, and which I devoured in a mere minutes AND which now ties for my other favorite, the plain croissant (which I also got). Lydia, to my content, also loved the bakery, I think I’ve made her a patron for life.

We went to the Botanic Gardens after that where she treated me to a new spider plant! There wasn’t a great selection of house plants at this sale, to be honest, and I was disappointed. But I figured it’s also a good thing because it means I didn’t spend a lot of money. We wandered around the gardens for a bit, where I discovered more areas I had missed the past times I’ve visited. This place is magical, I tell you! It was gorgeous in the morning time too. We saw some giant dahlias and air plants and a variety of gourds and it was a good morning. I felt sad to say goodbye but we did and I headed over to Kaitlin’s house.

I spent a few hours at Kaitlin’s where I played with EG and Ollie. They were both so happy today that they melted away my sadness almost instantly. We spent most of the time outside because what a lovely afternoon it was and both kids so enjoy being outside. I was lucky enough to also be able to try one of Kaitlin’s sugar cookies. She’s been perfecting her recipe and I think she has it down, it was delicious and well cooked and I plan on eating more in the near future. She and Kevin also sent me home with my very own basic canning kit! What a wonderful surprise that was, I now have the means to safely make more jam. Gone are the days of me burning myself or being afraid of burning myself because I’m using salad tongs that are slippery. I am so excited, pleased, and grateful.

I came home in the afternoon and marked lots of tasks off my to do list. I put up a magnetic screen door in the kitchen so Pippin can come and go on the balcony as he pleases. It’s taking a bit of time to train him to push his head through but he’s done it a couple of times on his own so I’m optimistic. I also put up the shelf above my bed! I think Elisabeth and I have FINALLY learned one lesson in regards to putting up stuff on the walls. We need to buy separate screws and anchors than whatever comes with the item. The drywall anchors that shelves and the like come with are just not adequate enough. I am very proud of myself for putting it up and look forward to the day when there are plants up there.

Tomorrow is a basically unplanned day so who knows what I’ll get up to but I think it will involve art, plants, and hopefully a walk. Maybe some french toast sticks too? We’ll see!

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