My Sunday 9-29-19

Today has been another lovely day. I started by eating french toast sticks, decided more of my clothes need to be donated, and I took my time watering my plants and re-potting a few of them. I got out the drill and used the biggest bit, 1/2″, to drill holes into the plastic pots that didn’t have drainage holes. Felt like a fierce badass wielding that giant drill. I have to say, the more I learn about plants, the more annoyed I feel when I find beautiful pots that don’t have holes. My plants need holes! Why you no have?! Two of my hole-less pots will have to find another purpose because I can’t drill holes into them easily and I now refuse to put a plant in a pot without a hole. However, I could always put a pot with holes in a pot with no holes and call it good – aka cachepots! At the same time, air plants could chill out in pots without holes but they’re also really cool plants to put in and on non-pot containers and surfaces.

Anyway, it was such a bright, warm morning that I enjoyed myself and my little re-potting station quite immensely. I felt so relaxed. All but my giant snake plant are now out of their nursery pots. Most of my plants are doing relatively well these days, my lilies seem to be struggling because I don’t think they’re getting enough light, but can’t do anything about that right now. I plan on buying some grow lights once I have a steady income so for now they’ll have to get what they can get. I watched some youtube videos today about how to propagate some of my plants so I figure I’ll start trying that out once I have grow lights (or sooner if I get impatient) too. I learned I’ll need to trim my Hypoestes polka dot plant to keep it in a more bushy form so I think I’ll give that a go this week and maybe try to propagate the cuttings? We’ll see.

I put up some art above my desk today as well. Now that hideous hole I drilled into the wall is no more and in its place are lovely art pieces. I will be honest, some of these pieces I put up I took snapshots of from the computer and printed them out instead of purchasing them, so I want to be clear that I WILL purchase these pieces of art once I have a spending budget again. I want to support small and local artists and plan on doing so but in the meantime I still want to have pretty things to look at so here I am. One of these days I’ll sign up for an acrylic art class and make more of my own art!

I am now attempting to try to press the cut flowers that Lydia brought me on Friday in hopes that I can put them in little glass display frames one day. She suggested that I could microwave them to dry them out but I wasn’t quite confident enough to give that a go with these lovely flowers. Another time, perhaps. I haven’t pressed flowers in many many years so we’ll see how it goes. Doesn’t hurt to try at least.

The rest of the evening has been spent relaxing, going on a walk (where I cut new flowers for the vase), and watching an episode of The Dark Crystal. While the flowers I found on the walk weren’t quite as lovely as the ones Lydia brought, they’re nice too and they add a good splash of color to one of the kitchen shelves. Another good day.

2 thoughts on “My Sunday 9-29-19

  1. Yay! Another good day! Could you put rocks in the bottom of your hole-less pots? That’s what I used to do – it allows for drainage.

    1. I still risk overwatering that way, but it is better than nothing. I’m just starting to get very picky and particular I think, I want my plants to last as long as they can!

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