Random thoughts of 9-30-19

Happy news at the doctor’s today – my platelets continue to go up! I will take 10 mg less of steroids for the next week in hopes that the platelets continue their soaring pattern. I even had a brief but lovely conversation with the lab tech about the Botanic Gardens which was a great distraction as she took my blood. One plus of this whole blood thing is that I get to postpone a dentist appointment because the dentist doesn’t want to risk me bleeding excessively. So, yay?

I went to the library after the doctor and checked out The House Plant Expert Book Two. I started listening to a couple of podcasts about house plants a week or so ago and one of them recommended the original book (not to worry, it’s on its way to me as well) so I figured I should give these a read. Gotta educate myself on all things house plants, there’s so much to learn.

I was feeling a bit anxious and sad this afternoon, as one does, so I sat outside and wrote in my journal while half watching Pippin as I let him out with me and this is the non-catio balcony. He did such a great job and was so cute when he sat on the chair across from me at one point. It was a nice reminder that life isn’t completely bleak and he helped pull me out of my slight funk. Oh how strange life is that one day I’m excited and happy and the next I feel sad again. This is my life now, and knowing that does help a bit. It also helps that Elisabeth and I had Eggo waffles and chicken nuggets for dinner – thanks EG for that suggestion! I really will be okay, I really am okay, and life is good.

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