Random thoughts of 10-1-19

The past couple mornings have been dark when I wake up and I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s not my favorite part of this new season by any means but it does mean fall is finally upon us and I do like the idea of being done with this summer. Elisabeth mentioned this evening how perfectly today’s bleary, cold weather was to welcome in October, and she is right. I hadn’t thought of that. Turns out I wore the perfect outfit too – long black dress and my long, warm cardigan. I welcome you, October!

October also means that my coworkers decorated for Halloween today, which was fun and made me excited. I like coworkers who like to decorate for Halloween and Christmas. It’s a nice break from the same old days. I’ll have to find the plastic rats I brought from my old work and bring them in sometime soon.

I colored another one of the postcards that Fiona got me and am happy to say it fits wonderfully with the other art above my desk. This one is staying with me! Now I’m sitting at my desk, under my electric blanket, with Pippin on my lap, relaxing. I started cross stitching again this evening, a relatively big step for me as I relate this pattern with Gene in my mind. Gotta continue to strive to move forward and so my cross stitching begins again and I take it as a good sign.

Happy October 1, everyone!

One thought on “Random thoughts of 10-1-19

  1. Sitting under an electric blanket? Just 4 weeks ago you couldn’t sleep because of the heat! Change is always taking place – most definitely in you. Transformation can be a beautiful thing…

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