Thoughts from 10-3-19

Yesterday I switched my work laptop from it’s very boring, old, ragged bag that I was given to my never used Star Trek bag. I bought it a year ago, maybe longer actually, and had never ended up using it. I kept it around all this time because I kept hoping I would use it and lo and behold here I am now. I feel so fancy and futuristic carrying it.

Today was such a lovely day, oh my goodness. For one of my breaks I stood outside and just closed my eyes, breathed in the air, and soaked in the sun. It was lovely.

I got a letter in the mail from my dad today – he chose a really cool succulent card so guess where it is now?! It’s with the art above my desk. Not only was it a wonderful message but I get to see it every day and know he loves me. I’m going to need lots of frames once I have a spending budget, thrift stores and craft stores, get ready for me!

This evening has been spent tidying up so I won’t feel the need to do any of that this weekend. Tomorrow Elisabeth and I are going to go to the First Friday Art Walk downtown for the first time so we’ll be gone most of the day. I learned today that one of the house plant stores I want to visit and follow on Instagram, Green Lady Gardens, is off of Santa Fe Dr and will be open late for the walk so I’m really hoping we’ll swing by! She got some beautiful pottery in the other day and her air plants are looking great so I might splurge and treat myself. Or just keep my eye out, we’ll see. Tomorrow should be fun regardless. I’ve heard such great things about this art walk that I’m going to enjoy myself whether I buy something or not.

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