My Saturday 10-5-19

Yesterday was a really good day for me. I quite like getting up “early” on weekends, which means 7am for me. I did it last weekend and I plan on continuing the trend because it gives me just enough extra time in my morning that I feel really positive. I had made a small to do list for myself (I’m really good at coming up with stuff for me to do it turns out) and I did most everything. I even got in some more cross stitching, I’m glad I’m getting back into that, I forgot how much I enjoyed it.

So I got stuff done, which included checking on my plants a day early (I try to check them every Sunday, now). Not all of them needed watering so I’ll have to check again later in the week and see how they’re doing. It’s really relaxing for me to check on my plants and it’s a nice time for me to purposely move slowly. I created a document for myself which lists all the plants I have and how to take care of them so I referenced that today which was useful. I pulled info from a variety of sources for that document and I have to say, they didn’t all say the same thing, which was a tiny bit frustrating but not all that surprising. Because, interesting fact, a plant could be wilting, for example, because it was over watered OR under watered. Or maybe even because of how much light it’s getting. Yeah, it’s not that crystal clear when taking care of plants. So I watered some plants and even wiped off the leaves of a few of them as you’re supposed to do every so often. I geeked out about my sedum burrito growing little baby leaves too (see below). It was pretty fun. I also trimmed my polka dot plant and now have some stems in water, I hope they propagate! I watched a video of one woman who propagated them and I believe she said it took them two weeks to grow nice long roots so I’ll have to be patient and give it time.

In the afternoon I went to Enchanted Grounds, a game store and cafe, where I hung out with Elisabeth, Kayla, and Mel for a meetup. I have wanted to visit this store for years so yay for me crossing that off my list. The space is really nice, and what’s even better, it was quiet! I would definitely go back. I didn’t quite have time to check out all the games and minis they had for sale so I’ll do that next time. I need to pick up a new copy of Love Letter one of these days. We played a few rounds of Concept and then chatted for another 45 or so minutes. It was lovely getting out and seeing my friends.

It also just so happened that I was only five minutes away from O’Toole’s Garden Center so I swung over there afterward. I wanted to have a bit more time to look at their pots and garden decor (and to look at plants, of course). They have some extremely tiny terracotta pots that are adorable but not really useful in my opinion. I think I liked the pot selection at Green Lady Gardens slightly better. They had less variety in house plants this time around than a couple weeks ago but they still had loads of cool snake plants that I fawned over for a moment. I’m really into snake plants these days. Heck, I’m into a lot of plants these days, let’s be honest.

I took a walk at the park when I got home to enjoy the last of the sun and get a tiny bit of exercise in and spent the rest of the night indoors playing with Pippin, planning finances, and enjoying myself. Today I will go to a farmers’ market with Elisabeth and Brittany, more fun times ahead!

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