My Sunday 10-6-19

I had a really fun morning walking around Pearl St. Farmer’s Market with Brittany and Elisabeth yesterday. First off, we parked near some really cool people who had a blow up skeleton t-rex in their yard. Um, yes? Let’s be friends. If I ever have a yard again and lots of spending money, I know what I’ll be purchasing myself one Halloween. It brought me a lot of joy. I also got to meet Elisabeth’s friend at the market as she helps her brother with his farm stand. We got some veggies from them for a really good deal. We picked up some other vegetables (and pears!) and apple cider along the way and made a stop at Tokyo Premium Bakery where I ran into my old coworker, Robyn, who I’ll be hanging out with next week. It was such a lovely surprise to see her and say a quick hello before she went off to the park. I oggled a succulent and air plant stand that had an adorable Bulbasaur planter and tried pickled okra at a pickle stand. I enjoyed myself for sure.

Went to Costco after that to pick up snacks and get my tires checked as one of my back tires was looking pretty low. The Costco guys agreed and I will be returning tomorrow to have a real inspection in hopes it’s a quick fix and is not in need of a replacement. I do not like tire problems. I do not like car problems. But I can handle them at least.

Once back at the apartment we finally put up our hanging fruit basket. I have been wanting to do that for weeks now but for one reason or another we either couldn’t get around to it or didn’t have the right pieces. Yesterday it all fell into place and voila, we now have plenty of space for our fruits and veggies and a little more space on our counter. I like my apartment! It just keeps getting better and better and I feel so at home here, it’s great.

The weather was so lovely in the afternoon that I sat outside on the catio balcony and read while Pippin chilled out with me. How privileged am I to be able to do that? Very much so. I made chocolate chip bread after that thanks to a box mix that Kaitlin gave me and while it cooled, Elisabeth and I made ourselves delicious fried rice and prepped dinner for another night. We watched Toy Story 4 as we ate. The movie was really weird and I did not feel satisfied when it ended. I’m glad I watched it so I can talk about how odd it was with others, but I will likely not watch it again.

And in other news, my platelets are now in the normal range! I will reduce the amount of steroids I take yet again. I do have to continue getting my blood checked every week for at least the next month but I’m really thinking my worries are almost at an end. Perhaps they already are. Yay!

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