What I like Wednesday 10-9-19

Warm apple cider

‘Tis the season for apple cider and since it’s the one warm drink I actually don’t mind drinking, I like to take advantage. I got some tasty cider from King Soopers a couple weeks ago and every few days I’ll heat up a small mugful and sip away. It’s a nice part of fall and winter and I try to appreciate it. Elisabeth and I also bought some from the farmer’s market on Sunday so we’ll have enough to last us the next few weeks I should think. What a lovely thought to sit on my couch, under the warm blanket Kaitlin gave me, and drink some apple cider.

Colorado sunsets from my balcony

I’m sure I’ve mentioned the view from my balconies before but it bears mentioning again. Elisabeth and I have a really, truly, lovely view of the mountains from both of our balconies. This also means that we get to see every gorgeous sunset. And there are a lot of them. I’m sure a big part of the beauty is caused by pollution, and that does make me feel sad, but I still enjoy the colors nonetheless, I’m only human. It’s always a good moment and good mood booster to look out the window and see the pinks and reds and purples of the sky. Watching the sky at that time takes away all my worries and pains for those few seconds and it’s great.


Every October, artists can participate in Inktober, a drawing challenge where they draw something new each day based off of a prompt. I love it because I get to see lots of great art and I love art! Elisabeth introduced me to the artist known as penelopeloveprints this month and I’m thoroughly enjoying her daily cat drawings. This one is my favorite so far (cats and plants!). I hope the artist will sell the print one day.

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