Work, family, friends

My work day yesterday consisted of me getting to know some of my coworkers a bit better and working my brain at my daily tasks. It was warm enough outside that I took a walk during my lunch break and by the end of it I had stripped off my coat and my jacket. Oh my gosh it was so pleasant. I’m trying to get outside as much as I can handle before it becomes really cold in a few months. Even then I may try to bear it out and still go on a short daily walk. When researching how to sleep better I vaguely remember reading something about how our bodies should be outside for 20 minutes a day so our internal clocks get set. Something like that, I don’t know how evidence based that statement was but I liked the idea well enough that I’m trying to follow it.

After work I drove to Kaitlin’s house where I had dinner with everyone and hung out for a couple of hours. I loved spending time with them. Ollie and EG are both such happy children that it’s a joy getting to be near them and interact with them. I tried taking some pictures of Ollie as he ran back and forth from my dad to the kitchen because his smile was so insanely infectious and brilliant but he moved so quickly that they most came out blurry. I finally realized I should just enjoy his happiness and stop trying to take pictures of him. My mom made beef stew for dinner and it was delicious. I sat next to EG and she asked to hold my hand towards the end of dinner, it was very sweet.

I’ve also discovered that Pippin likes drinking the water in my polka dot plant propagation cup. I wonder if he will affect how the cuttings do but I’m not going to stop him from drinking. Cats are always troublesome creatures when it comes to them getting enough water. It’s making me think now though that I’m going to change my water set up for him. I’m thinking I’ll get a tray with some pebbles and put some cat edible plants on the ends and his water bowl in the middle. Make it a little jungle for him and keep the water from spilling on the kitchen floor.

This morning I went to a craft fair with my friend, Robyn. I liked getting to catch up with her and wandering around the aisles but I think in general, craft fairs are not my thing. Most of the stuff was stuff I wouldn’t buy – too gaudy, too kitchy, not my style, jewelry. However, I did get myself a long vest tunic thing because I loved the pattern and the style. Thanks to Elisabeth sharing this budget book with me, I have set myself up a budget and have some spending fun money. I had thought, before reading the book and doing the calculations, that I really couldn’t spend any money on “wants”, but after doing the math it turns out I do have a tiny bit leftover that I can do anything with. It’s a nice feeling and so today I bought myself an article of clothing. I still want to be very intentional about how I spend my “want” money but I like knowing I can go out to eat or I can buy myself something and not feel stressed because I know how much I can spend safely. This is the first time I’ve actually made myself a budget like this and I think it’s going to be beneficial for me. I recommend checking the book out at the library and giving it a read for those that want to set up budgets as well.

Now I’m about to head over to my parent’s for the evening to spend more time with them!

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