Thoughts from 10-14-19

Yesterday I watered my plants in a different method than I normally do – from the bottom up. I filled the sink with a few inches of water and plopped my pots in to let my plants soak up the water from below. I had heard of this method from the plant podcasts I listen to (Bloom and Grow Radio and On the Ledge for those interested) and decided to give it a try because it’s less hands on. I think I was half successful at it. The plants took way longer than I thought they would to soak up the water, an hour plus. I ended up watering the top of the pots too so I’m not exactly sure how accurate everything was. I think I’ll try again next week with only the bottom up watering and just be okay with waiting longer than I think I should wait. Now my plants are all watered and hopefully happy. Still haven’t had anything die on me over here so that makes me feel good.

I forgot to mention that my mom also gave me some lovely fake fall flowers and berries this weekend. I knew I wanted them to go into the vase that Lydia got me and I have to say, they look fantastic. I am loving the shelf set up in the kitchen, although I could perhaps have a small doodad or two added at some point, I’m in no rush though, additions should happen naturally.

I picked up a plant propagation book from the library today (another recommendation from one of the podcasts) so I’m excited to dig in and gain more knowledge about how to propagate my plants. I want to be able to propagate and give plants out as gifts to people. Everyone should have a plant in their home (provided they have the right lighting conditions).

Also, can I just say how absolutely splendid the weather was today in the afternoon? I walked around on my break and felt so incredibly happy to be in the sun and warm air. It won’t be quite as warm tomorrow but I bet I’ll still find a way to enjoy it.

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