I don’t really know how to title my blog posts, not all of them at least. Sometimes it even makes me feel a little stressed, like it’s extremely important that I title these blog posts “correctly” but I don’t know what “correctly” means. Thank you self for thinking this way. So, in an attempt to not let that make me feel stressed, because really, that’s totally unnecessary, I think I’m just going to use the date I post my blogs as the titles when I can’t think of a title that brings me comfort and confidence.

Anyway, on Tuesday my friend Brittany came over for dinner and, as the majority of my life is these days, it was lovely and fun. I made vegetable soup and Brittany brought some delicious sourdough bread and HOMEMADE chocolate chip cookies. That was the best surprise ever because she hadn’t told me she was doing that and it’s always great to get homemade food you don’t make yourself. I’ll get to see her again on Saturday for pumpkin carving with my meetup group, how lucky am I?

For a month or so now I’ve been trying to be a better pet owner to Pippin as I realized I could do more to improve his life. He deserves the best life he can possibly get as he has no choice in any of it so I’ve been asking everyone I know with cats their recommendations on how to play with him and how to reduce his biting. Thank you to everyone who has been providing me with opinions, I’ve been taking them all and running with it. Pippin is not the best at playing but now that I try to play with him every day I do see small improvements. He does a great job at chasing toys but not a great job at catching them, he’ll just run right past them. But, on occasion, he will catch some toys and that makes me feel happy. Spending this time with him has really made me appreciate him and enjoy him more, he’s such a goofball. Yesterday I was playing with him and he looked so cute that I ran and got my phone and snapped the picture you see here, and I wanted to share, because this boy is a gem. How I love him so.

And in other happy news, I was offered a job today at my work! The process has begun to get me hired and I shall start officially in November if everything lines up (which I imagine it will). I’ll breathe a big sigh of relief once I actually start but I still feel good today and wanted to brag. My life keeps coming together, doesn’t it? I will be forever grateful to everyone who checked in on me, showed me love, and who continue to do so today. The list is long and I really will forever appreciate all that these people have done for me the past three months.

One thought on “10-17-19

  1. Pippin is a great cat! CONGRATULATIONS on the job! So proud of you – not just about the job, but everything you’ve accomplished over last couple of months.

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