I had my first ever ultrasound this morning. There are pictures out in the world somewhere of my spleen and kidneys now. I kind of like the thought of that. I should learn about what they look like at my doctor’s appointment on Monday. I imagine they’ll be in top shape. The whole thing was really fast and the hardest part was holding my breath and that wasn’t even very bad. I got there early, as instructed, so I was out of there right as my appointment was about to begin, which made me feel really happy and pleased. I went to Starbucks afterward because I hadn’t been allowed to eat or drink and while I have gotten better at being hungry, I had a gift card so I treated myself to a breakfast sandwich. I sat there for a bit and enjoyed my food while reading I am Legend, a book I’ve had on my To Read list for years. I figured October was the perfect time to read it (vampires!) so I requested it from the library and here I am. I’ve been struggling recently with finding books I enjoy and have stopped reading the last three books I picked up but this one got my attention so I’m grateful. I’m already more than halfway through as it’s a relatively small book. It’s slightly different from the movie (I’m pretty sure the movie was about zombies), from what I can remember so I’m curious to see where this story leads. Thus far it’s not scary either, not in the jump scare kind of way at least so I can handle it easily.

I came back home after breakfast and set up our new spice jar system – jars on the fridge. I really missed the spice set up I had at the house so as soon as I learned I had a fun budget I bought myself some jars and magnets and bam, here we are. I need five more jars so I’m on the hunt. Elisabeth and I went to the thrift store this morning and I looked for jars there but no luck. I’m in no rush though so I can keep looking every so often.

This afternoon Elisabeth and I had some ladies from our meetup group over to carve pumpkins. Three ladies showed up, including Brittany and Kayla, so it was a really fun time. I carved two dinosaurs on my pumpkin this year, I’ll post a picture of it eventually but I’m too tired now to get out of my chair and take a nice picture. I’ve also discovered that we don’t have a lighter or matches in this apartment so I might be going to The Dollar Store tomorrow to grab one. And maybe a fake candle or two since we’re not supposed to have lit candles in this place.

I started making bread once everyone left – that’s right, the other bread recipe that Ben sent me. I actually bought alcohol from the store for this! The dough will sit overnight and I will bake it tomorrow. Hopefully the apartment doesn’t get too cold and mess with the yeast, I might turn up the heat a bit just in case. I’ll let you all know how it goes!

One thought on “10/19/19

  1. This blog expresses fall so well – coffee shop, reading, pumpkin carving, making bread, friends, savoring the moments!

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