Welp, bread dough is in the trash. It did not rise in the three hours I gave it (it was only supposed to take two) so it had to go or I risked an unpleasant tasting loaf. I felt frustrated, annoyed, and angry at first. I was nervous to make it in the first place because bread is scary to me, but I told myself I could do it and gave it a try. So when it didn’t work out, my first reaction was that of anger. After a few deep breaths, some time, and contemplating other ways I could react, I realized this is a really good learning opportunity. i get to be somewhat of a detective and ponder what could have led to this. This is not a failure because I gave it a try and that in itself means it was a success. I think the apartment may have been too cold, it was about 65 degrees or so (it’s hard to tell with our old thermostat) and according to my research yesterday, room temperature for baking is considered 70 degrees. When I try this recipe again, hopefully next weekend, I’ll crank up the heat beforehand and see how that affects the dough. I will not give up on finding a bread recipe I can bake and enjoy. And this recipe really appeals to me because it’s basic ingredients and my active participation in it is pretty dang easy. Until next weekend, bread!

I am also sick, which doesn’t help with my mood. Boo to me getting sick, I don’t like this low energy. I’ve been sipping hot water all day and that helps so hopefully in a day or two I’ll be back at the top, it’s not the worst cold I’ve had so at least there’s that.

I repotted my giant snake plant today, it’s been in its nursery pot ever since I brought it home five weeks ago, and while it was doing just fine (I STILL haven’t watered it yet, the soil is still moist can you believe that?!) I thought it might do better and look nicer in a more normal pot. Repotting did allow me to spread the plants out a bit. Turns out these snake plants are, right now, really just two plants. I plan on dividing them in the spring as it’s too cold to do that kind of thing now.

check out my pumpkin too, ain’t it cute? I wasn’t up to getting candles today so it will go unlit yet another night, perhaps tomorrow or perhaps not at all. Carving it was fun enough.

Today, Elisabeth and I headed to the Costco Business Center to look for the extra sharp cheddar cheese we like, as it’s supposedly the only Costco in Colorado that still sells it. However, neither of us thought to check operating hours and this location is closed on Sunday. :/ Oh boy. We felt silly and I felt a little embarrassed but we rolled with it and continued our other plan of eating at the Asian dumpling & bun restaurant next door. So that was a win. Elisabeth even had the great idea of getting an extra plate of the bbq pork buns we love so we could take them to lunch tomorrow. Now that’s smart thinking!

I felt a little off this weekend but I’m getting myself back to a happier place and am feeling positive about this upcoming week. Hope you all feel the same.

One thought on “10/20/19

  1. Love the pumpkin – so cute! And the snake plants look great! Sorry you are sick. Wishing you a quick recovery and a good week.

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