Still sick. I had such a coughing fit at work this morning I felt so embarrassed. But the people around me were very sweet and one coworker even gave me some tea to try. While I’m not a tea drinker, I actually gave this tea a try and ended up liking it: white tea coconut & passion fruit. I couldn’t believe it. I brought home the package so I could possibly buy some of it at some point. Is it possible that I found a tea I don’t mind? While I can handle drinking hot water, eventually it starts to get really old, so having another option would be lovely. Elisabeth has also given me some of her tea so I can try a variety and see if there are other teas out there I like. I’m still not sure I’ll become a tea drinker or tea lover, but perhaps I can handle a cup or two every so often.

After work I made a quick stop at Khol’s as I had a gift card (thanks, parents!). I went in looking for white shirts and came out with some bamboo cutting boards to use as cheese and charcuterie boards. I have decided that I want to treat myself to some cheese every month in a fancy and beautiful way. And instead of me signing up with some expensive Cheese of the Month club, I will be doing it myself by going to King Soopers and buying cheese and random odds and ends. It will be cheaper and just as fun.

I went to the dentist after that for a gum cleaning and am happy to report that my gums are pretty good. After that was a King Soopers run where I picked up a lighter so I could light the candles for our pumpkins before we have to toss them out. Aren’t they adorable in the darkness too? Getting a lighter solely to see my pumpkin aglow was 100% worth it.

One thought on “10/22/19

  1. So sad that you’re still sick. We are sick, too. Whatever this is, it sure does hold on. Yes, your pumpkins are awesome – so fun!

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