What I like Wednesday 10-23-19

(Shh, don’t tell anyone this is a day late and I won’t say anything either ;P)

My warm sweater dress

I found this sweater dress a couple years ago and what a great buy it was. This is one of those things that I will keep for as long as I possibly can. I put it on whenever I’m cold at home. I put it on top of my other clothes if I’m going to be outside and think it might be cold. What can I say, it keeps me warm and I like how I look in it. I’ve been trying to only wear clothes I really like these days so that I feel even better and more confident about myself. It’s a good practice, I encourage everyone to do it. Why was I wearing clothes I didn’t love in the first place?!

Side bar: my wonderful robe that Martha got me many years ago deserves a shout out here because that thing is just as great as my sweater dress, I just don’t wear it out in public. But that thing has gotten me through so many winters, it’s another piece of clothing I will hold onto. Everyone needs a robe like that.

Apple Cider Vinegar Chips

My friend, Kayla, introduced me to apple cider vinegar chips last weekend and on my trip to King Soopers the other day I picked up three bags. BECAUSE THEY’RE LIMITED, DON’T JUDGE ME! I think these chips are better than the regular salt and vinegar flavor because they’re more mild but they still have that slight bite to them. They’re a bit addicting (as you can tell by the three bags) so I’m doing my best to limit myself when I eat them. I like salt and crunch, what can I say. I’m seeing this as one way I can enjoy the cooler weather, I get to eat delicious things that aren’t pumpkin spice flavored.

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