Yesterday evening Brittany and I met up with Elisabeth in between her two concerts and we all had dinner together at Sputnik. I had been there once before so I was happy to try it out again. The food is decent but I think their music is too loud and the place is too dark. Yes, I realize I sound like an older person, I’m not ashamed! This time around I tried their tofu bahn mi, and I have to say, I think the recipe that Elisabeth and I make is better. Sputnik’s tofu was soft, not firm and crispy, and there wasn’t much flavor to it or the sandwich in general. A bit of sriracha would have been a nice addition. Still, I did eat the entire thing so it clearly wasn’t that tasteless. And they have good sweet potato fries. Brittany says they have decent brunch so I’m thinking one day we go down for brunch and then wander Broadway for a bit and explore, it’s a cool area.

The concert, for me, was a mixed bag. I enjoyed the musicians and loved listening to them play. There were some really lovely pieces and others that I danced to and enjoyed just as much. But that was only part of the concert it turns out. There was also a weird kind of play and musical happening throughout that didn’t make much sense to me. I’m glad these people participated and hopefully had fun but it really detracted from the music for me. The musicians would perform a piece or two and then these actors would come out and perform and one or two of them would sing and it was just not my cup of tea. I wanted to hear more of Elisabeth’s bassoon! Regardless, anytime Elisabeth is in something I will go and listen and support her and so I’m glad I went yesterday. It was also really fun when all the musicians came out after intermission dressed in Halloween costumes, the first half they were all in black and then they walked down the aisles after break all dressed up and I had a blast looking at everyone. Elisabeth dressed up as Dread Pirate Roberts. I’m in love with her outfit and all the work she’s put into it so I’ll try to get a better picture this week and post it on here.

In other news, two of my three polka dot plant cuttings now have roots! See picture above. I have no idea when it happened but I checked on them yesterday and there they were. I was so freaking excited, I’m pretty sure I started singing and dancing in the kitchen. Keep growing my little lovelies, and soon I will put you in soil.

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