OMG, I can’t believe I forgot to mention yesterday that I parallel parked perfectly not once, but TWICE on Saturday. Hell yes. I have to parallel park fairly often when in downtown Denver and I can do it, but it usually takes me a few turns, you know. But on Saturday I did it twice with the two point turn. /Celebratory dance.

I am extremely proud of myself. I failed the parallel parking part of the driver’s license test and have felt afraid to do it ever since. Of course, fear doesn’t stop me from doing it, but it’s not something I enjoy. But look who’s getting better with practice? This awesome person right here. Thinking about it even now, I start to dance and cheer for myself because of how proud I am. Yay me!

Last night I finished my beetle cross stitch too and I like it. I still need to wash it and iron it but the stitching part is done. I think I’ll start a word cross stitch before I pick up one of the other beetle patterns I have. You never know though, a person can have more than one cross stitch pattern going at a time so who knows what my future holds.

Today my manager approved me to work from home, yes! I’ve never really been able to work from home before because DPS didn’t like it but my new company totally promotes it. This was my face at the beginning of the morning when I was cruising through work and feeling productive. And then, somehow, I lost connection and had to spend an hour trying to figure out how to get back on and was one of those people who locked themselves out. I have no clue what I did but I messed up my password so badly I couldn’t even access my desktop. Eeek. Thankfully IT helped me get back in and then it was back to work. During my lunch break I did find a quick five minutes to make brownies though.

I did end up going out of the apartment today, even though I was trying to avoid it, because I had to give blood, again. I just can’t stop giving blood. I tried to get out of it but the nurse very forcefully told me on the phone that I was not allowed to reduce my medication on my own like I suggested. So with Elisabeth’s encouragement, I got myself out of my chair after I was done with work and drove to the doctor’s. Platelets are still normal so that’s good. And this time I got to have the dinosaur bandaging so that made me feel happy. I was also able to stop by the library on the way home and pick up more comic books that I’m very excited to read so that was a plus. AND I dropped off my ballot and Elisabeth’s ballot so we have officially voted in the Colorado elections. So going out wasn’t that bad, and the roads were basically clear too.

It’s been a good day and now Elisabeth and I might try to draw from a youtube video she’s been wanting to watch. We’ll see how it goes!

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