What I like Wednesday 10-30-19

Squirrel Girl

Elisabeth turned me onto this comic (she’s really great at recommendations, isn’t she?) from Marvel about a college girl who has squirrel powers and a squirrel tail. This comic series is hilarious and both light-hearted and real, I have enjoyed the first two volumes quite a bit. I finished the second volume the other day and as Elisabeth can tell you, it caused me a number of coughing fits because I was laughing so much. Doreen, aka Squirrel Girl, is this spunky, smart, loving, funny person that I adore.

In the second volume, there were two parts that really spoke to me. The first was the picture above, where the bad guy of the story was revealed. I love the transition from adorable squirrel to grotesque creature. I can’t quite explain it but the drawing on the right got me so badly, I didn’t even read the text before I started laughing like a maniac. My eyes are attracted to that monster and my brain loves the image. The second part was the picture to the right- Loki is pretending to be Thor as a cat and his hammer is called Meownir. Oh my gosh, I almost lost it, too much cuteness. I want my own Meownir now.

Ok, so maybe I spoiled a tiny bit of the story, not enough that you shouldn’t go check the first two volumes out from your library, they’re fun!

Dispel Dice

Another one that Elisabeth introduced me to – Dispel Dice has the most beautiful dice I have ever seen. I was so blown away that I was actually at a loss for words. I think these things are so beautiful. I think everyone should look at them, just look at the pictures, scroll through the Instagram and appreciate the beauty along with me. To me, these dice change the dice world. These really are the most gorgeous dice, not even Kraken can beat these, and Kraken has some beautiful dice. I won’t be buying any of these anytime soon but one day I might like to own one or two. I’m hoping the creator will end up selling the pictures of her dice because I would frame some of these as art prints. The picture below is from this post.

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