What I like Wednesday 11-6-19

Queer Eye: More than a Makeover

Oh my goodness, if you have Netflix, please go watch this show, I love it so much. It is full of love and kindness and of course some good looking, fashionable men. I’ve cried during every episode so far. I’ve only watched the first season, but I just started this week so give me some time and I’ll catch up. What a great feel good show. The men who host this show are so incredibly encouraging about positive self body image and and self confidence, it’s incredible, really. They help others find beauty and awesomeness within themselves. I’m all over that. I kind of wish I had started watching this at the beginning of my divorce, but I’m not sure I would have been able to appreciate it on the level that I can now. Whether you’re in a bad mood or a good mood, this show will make you smile.


Pippin and I have been playing together almost every day for a while now and spending that time with him has made me love him on a whole new level. He’s such a goofball and he’s so funny, I actually enjoy playing with him (most times at least). He’s much better at playing by now, he jumps really high, runs around, and even does some flips sometimes. He doesn’t try to bite nearly as much as he used to. It’s great. The other day he was lying on my bed and the trinket that Lydia had got for me and Elisabeth created a little rainbow on his fur, I snapped a picture that you see now. Isn’t it adorable? I love my Pippin.

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