My week

Monday was my first day as an official employee at work. /happy dance. I was in orientation all day where I set up payroll, learned about benefits, and got to eat some free food. Score. I also learned how the company values its employees and that continued my excitement for this job. I can go to the holiday party in a couple of weeks now, yay. After work I went to the blood doctor, as usual, and was told I don’t have to take steroids anymore! I’ll go back in two weeks and to check my platelet numbers and four weeks after that if everything continues to look good. I am quite thrilled.

When I got done at the doctor’s it was time to water my plants, make lentil soup for Tuesday, and start cookies for Wednesday so my evening was mostly taken up. But I had to do all of that because Tuesday evening was full of a hair cut and dinner with the couple that helped me and Elisabeth move into our apartment. That’s right, we finally had them over as a thank you.

I really enjoyed their visit (and the soup, it was the bomb, by the way) and was glad that I was in a happier place than the last time they saw me. It was lovely getting to know them better and I laughed a lot. Plus, Mel brought homemade caramel popcorn with her so of course I’m gonna love her. I think I’ll be hanging out with them again as they’re cool people, I can see why Elisabeth likes them.

My hair cut turned out decently, although shorter than I envisioned. That happens a lot so you’d think I’d get better at telling stylists to cut less of my hair, but I never learn. I’m going with the flow because what else can you do, and it still looks good, I just need to figure out how to work with it a bit more.

I planted three of the four polka dot plant cuttings I had been propagating and so far they’re still alive. Here’s hoping they continue that way. If they’re a success I think I’ll start using my original plant as a propagation one because it’s a bit leggier than it’s “supposed” to be. I didn’t know I should trim it before it got a bit out of hand.

Yesterday my work had a birthday potluck for quarter 4 birthdays and while no one knew that my birthday was in November, it turns out I was the only person in the office that day with a quarter 4 birthday. A coworker happened to ask me when my birthday was and so she told the managers and everyone came over and sang happy birthday to me after lunch. It was sweet. It also meant that tomorrow I get to be treated to lunch at Bubba’s by my wonderful manager’s manager (I reported to her when I was a temp so I know her). How thoughtful and amazing is that? Each month this woman treats birthday people to a lunch, and everyone else can tag along and pay for their own lunch if they want. I love it. I also got to chat with Katie in the evening and watch some more Queer Eye (I’m still on season 1 it turns out).

So it’s been a week full of fun but it’s also been tiring and I’m looking forward to tonight and tomorrow being quiet evenings at home.

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