This morning, after finishing a volume of the Squirrel Girl comic (read it!), I went to O Toole’s Garden Center for their house plant class. It was free and turns out is only 20 minutes away from the apartment so I decided I needed to go. I like that Littleton is only 20 or so minutes away, it was much farther from the house so we rarely went. Now I find myself going almost every other week for one reason or another.

In the plant class I learned some things I hadn’t known (mist humid loving plants on the underside of their leaves, not the top, they’ll soak in more water that way) and I asked all the questions I had. I’m really glad I went and even though I was kind of hoping to make a friend or two there and that didn’t happen, it was worth it. The teacher surprised us at the end with letting us take a begonia for free too, how cool. And while I don’t like begonias, I figured since it was free I should take it. More plants are always better. If I don’t end up liking it I can give it to someone who does like begonias and we all win.

Because I went to the class I also got 25% off my house plant purchases for the day so I bought myself two Sansevieria eilensis plants (a snake plant species) that I have been wanting for a long time. See picture above. Isn’t it so cool and chunky? I bought two of them and will be bringing at least one to work. I’m debating if I put the other one in my bedroom or the kitchen or take it to work. There’s another sansevieria species I want to get another time. I also got a lucky bamboo because I’ve been wanting one of those as well. I’ll be bringing that one to work for sure. Yay for plants that can handle low light and light bulb light.

After the class, I met up with my friend, Josh, for lunch and to wander around downtown Littleton. I had never really wandered around there before so I enjoyed checking out the stores. I bought some canned dilly beans from a small, local grocery store and a chocolate turtle from a chocolate shop. This really was a treat yourself (within your budget) day for me. I found some art I really liked and an office sign that said “No, not today”. Those may be future purchases. It was such a lovely day that I’m glad I got outside for a bit.

Elisabeth and I went grocery shopping in the afternoon and my new friend Mel (from earlier this week) came over for dinner. We made fried tofu, a dish both Elisabeth and I like but don’t make very often. It was delicious. Now I’m going to cross stitch some and chill. ❤

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