This morning, Elisabeth and I went to the Denver Art Museum to experience the Monet exhibit. I’ve seen Monet’s work before and have always enjoyed it and this was no exception. I got to see paintings of his I had never seen before (or at least not remembered) and I loved it. What I find interesting about some of his work is how different it looks close up versus farther back. Some of his art I much prefer from afar. Some of his work looks better from afar, in my opinion. I of course took a few pictures of his paintings today, knowing they wouldn’t really do justice to the real thing. And looking at them now they really don’t. However, I’m including one in this post because the pictures of paintings are still beautiful.

Walking through the exhibit, I was reminded of the time Lydia, Gene, and I went to France and got to visit Monet’s home and garden. It appears I didn’t really write a blog post about it but let me tell you, that is one of my favorite places, the plants and flowers are truly lovely. I told Elisabeth we need to go to Paris and to Monet’s home because I love those places and she’s never been. Hopefully in a couple of years.

After the exhibit we went to the art studio that the museum has and painted with water colors. I haven’t used water colors as an adult so it was a fun experience for me. I painted three pieces because I couldn’t help myself. I really like color and needed a pink and orange piece, a blue and green piece, and then I painted a snake plant. I will bring these to work to brighten my desk I think. Someone painted a really lovely green hill and house scene that reminds me of a scene in Howl’s Moving Castle, one of my favorite movies. I took a picture of it and will possibly consider printing it out or trying to paint a similar scene myself sometime. I did sign up for an acrylic painting class that starts in January and I’m supposed to bring in pictures of things I want to paint so I’m thinking some Monet pieces and that random person’s piece will be making an appearance there. If the class is as enjoyable as I hope it will be, then perhaps I’ll sign up for a water color class another time.

The rest of my day has been spent relaxing, cross stitching, sitting outside in the sun, making marshmallow smore bites (oh heck yes), and eating a tuna sandwich. I was going to replace my windshield wipers too, as one of them is broken, but I never got around to actually walking out the door again. /shrug. Perhaps tomorrow. Elisabeth tells me it’s going to snow this evening so probably should get on that before too long. The sunset this evening was absolutely lovely and both Elisabeth and I were reminded of a quote from Monet that said something along the lines of “it’s very hard to paint and capture nature because the colors change within seconds. How do you capture something that changes so quickly?” I’m REALLY paraphrasing and warping his quote so maybe go look it up if you’re interested. And go check out the exhibit if you’re in Denver or whatever Monet exhibit you come across next because most of his art is just gorgeous. And the pieces that aren’t, are still worth talking about.

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