My week

I feel like I had such a busy week but thinking back now I don’t even know what I did on certain days so I couldn’t have been that busy. Regardless if I was or wasn’t, it’s a good reminder for me to stop and just breathe every once in a while.

On Wednesday I went to a board game night at a nearby library where Mabel, one of my Meetup members, works. She set up a monthly board game event and this week was the first one. She brought homemade zuchinni bread muffins and we played Betrayal at House on the Hill. Mabel even brought props to inspire us and as we gathered items, if there was a prop that matched it, we could take it for the duration of the game. I ended up getting a medallion and had an incandescent dragon necklace as my physical representation. I loved it. Elisabeth ended up being the traitor and appeared to us as Death. We were forced to play chess against her until we won or she killed us all. I can happily say that Mabel played a winning game and we escaped Death’s grasp, this time!

My friend, Brenda, surprised me with a crochet dinosaur that she found at a craft fair. How adorable is it? I brought it to work immediately so that I can not only feel joy from looking at it, but know that it represents Brenda’s love.

Yesterday, Elisabeth and I watched the new Terminator movie after work. I didn’t know much about it and wasn’t going to see it but Elisabeth really wanted to see it so I watched a trailer and decided I should go too. Most of the main characters were women (yes!) and one was even an older woman (yes!) who was also a major badass (yes!). I figured I should support an action movie that showed multiple women, including an older one, being awesome. And I enjoyed it a lot too.

Today I went to the thrift store and bought frames for the art above my desk and a couple of little containers to go with the charcuterie board I’m making for tomorrow. I also stopped by the Dollar Store and bought some rocks for my plants to make humidity trays for them. Turns out I should have bought one or two more bags of rocks so I’ll have to go back at some point but for now it’s a major step in the right direction for keeping my plants happy. Some of them have been suffering from the dryness of Colorado winter. I hung up my newly framed art, took care of my plants, and did some other chores around the house. Now I think I’ll grab a snack and cross stitch a bit, my responsibilities for the day are done!

One thought on “My week

  1. What a well balanced life you are living. Would love to see pics of your framed art and also your plants. Send to Dad, please.

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