Yesterday, Elisabeth and I went to the movies, this time to watch the new Charlie’s Angels movie. Another movie with multiple badass women. Heck yes. I’ve read that movies who have women as lead roles make more money than movies who have men as lead roles. And yet we still seem to have more movies with men as the leads. So seeing this kind of movie and the Terminator one make me feel very happy. And I enjoyed the movie. Everyone in it is gorgeous, one character learns how to stick up for herself and kick some butt in the process, and the story didn’t end how I thought it would so that was nice.

After the movie, Elisabeth and I hosted a potluck at our apartment for our meetup group. I made a charcuterie board on the bamboo cutting boards I purchased a few weeks ago (I even oiled them like you’re supposed to do) and it all looked lovely. We had so much food that not much of it was eaten, but it just means more for me throughout the next few weeks. One of my friends made Nigerian rice, which was delicious but almost too spicy. Another friend made a yellow cake with what I think was lime icing, which was not for me but very creative. Brittany made a delicious pasta salad that I hope she makes again and gives me the recipe because I enjoyed that dish possibly the most out of everything that we had.

We discussed comic books and other nerdy stuff and had a great time. It felt really good to have these women come into my home for a couple hours and bond. I borrowed a few comics from one friend that I’m excited to read. I have such a stack of comics to read now. It’s funny to me because I really didn’t think I was into comics but my bedside table would tell you otherwise. I’m still reading Squirrel Girl, by the way, and still recommend it. Oh do I love that girl. I’m thinking I might try to make a cosplay outfit to wear for Halloween next year.

Look at my awesome art wall above my desk in the picture to the right, oh how I love it. I actually bought a piece of art that I had said I was going to buy once upon a time (the green plant one on the left, middle). Still need to buy one more piece from another artist so I’m thinking that will be a December purchase. I look up at my wall and smile, these pieces represent me so well and make me feel so happy and at home.

Today I went to the blood doctor and gave blood after having been off steroids for two weeks and I’m happy to say that my platelet count is still normal. So I don’t have to go back until December. Yay!

I took a walk during lunch and soaked up the sun, which was good as I was feeling a bit down. Lately I’ve randomly been feeling sad or missing Gene and I couldn’t figure out why until I went to therapy last week. My therapist explained that it is my body’s reaction to not having Gene in my life anymore and not being able to physically touch him. Randomly I’ll feel sad or lost or miss him and there isn’t a reason other than my body learning to live without him. It made a lot of sense to me but it still sucks having to feel those feelings. I try to accept it because I’m going to feel them regardless if it makes sense or if I want to have them or not. Isn’t life fun sometimes? One moment at a time and one day at a time and we’ll all make it through. It takes a lot of patience and sometimes I forget that. Patience and lots of deep, slow breaths!

One thought on “11-18-19

  1. My heart is heavy. I hate that you have “sucky” moments. It’s all part of the process. So glad you have a good therapist. Still, it sucks…

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