Yesterday I stayed an hour after my normal working hours so I could attend a monthly Credentialing Committee meeting where our board of Colorado doctors meet to discuss providers (doctors, nurses, therapists, etc) who are slightly concerning to determine if we should keep them in our company, check in on them sooner than we would, etc. It was very interesting because I got to hear these doctors talk about their concerns and learn another aspect of our business. It was so nice to hear this board speak and while they were being considerate of the providers and the circumstances surrounding their situations, they were also clearly thinking about the patients who see these providers. I also got some cheese and crackers so that was a plus. 😉

Today I got to try out two different soups because I signed up to participate in a soup potluck kind of thing where every other week two people bring in soups. Since I’ll be making some soup in December, I get to eat the soup that’s brought in. While I didn’t love either of the soups, I did like not having to make a lunch and it was a good day to eat soup as the weather turned pretty cold.

I also went to a Cultural Competency training for three hours where I learned about terms I had learned about in DPS but it was beneficial to hear from a different perspective. It’s never a bad idea to take a cultural competency class anyway, because sometimes I forget these kinds of things and my awareness starts to lag.

Since I framed my art by my desk at home, I took some of the leftover art and brought it to work, in addition to my Celebrate cross stitch. My desk is starting look more like me and I’m really liking it. I think it could use some more art and/or color but I’m quite happy with how it is now too.

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