What a lovely day I had. I was productive at work, which made me feel great and I got to leave early because of that late night on Tuesday. That meant that I went and visited Kaitlin, EG, Ollie, and my parents! That was the highlight of my day for sure. I always feel so loved and happy when I get to see all of them and spend some time with them. EG is always so happy to see me too, which makes me feel even more awesome. At one point we were holding hands and running back and forth in the house. She’s not the most touchy feely person (which I get) so it is very sweet and endearing when she wants to hold my hand or give me a hug. She didn’t want me to leave, which was adorable, so my mom said maybe one day she could go to work with me, and she agreed. So I’ve already looked up when take your child to work day is (April 23rd) and I’m going to ask my work if we do anything for it. If we do, she’s coming with me! She’s going to be three next month, it is very hard for me to grasp that. You bet I’ll be at her party!

Kaitlin was feeling sick due to the gallbladder surgery she had a few weeks ago so I didn’t get to see much of her, sadly, but when I did see her, she gave me a winter hat and fuzzy socks (which I’m currently wearing and loving). The hat is exactly the kind of hat I’ve been wanting, one that is warm and covers my ears, so it was absolutely perfect. Hopefully Kaitlin will be feeling good enough to come over on Saturday to celebrate our birthdays! Going to have a very small get together with good food and a board game or two. It’s important to surround myself with family and friends on birthdays and holidays as I’m still learning how to live my life without Gene. The next month or so is going to be hard but not impossible.

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