11-24-19 It’s my bday!

This weekend has been an absolute blast and I could not ask for a better birthday weekend, especially since it’s my first one without Gene. On Friday, my work closed our office at 12:30 pm and we all went to Dave and Busters for a holiday party. I know it wasn’t for my birthday but it was a great way to start my birthday weekend regardless. I’ve never had a company do that before and I was thrilled. I enjoyed hanging out with my coworkers and getting to know them more, goofing around with them. I played lots of racing games (even won one), shot basketballs, and killed zombies. It was a very happy experience and makes me look forward to work even more. Once I got home the fun didn’t stop either. Elisabeth signed us up to get free massages at our apartment who happened to be offering the service for free that one evening. So I got my first massage and it was great! My muscles felt so loose afterward, even now I can feel the difference in my shoulders. I will definitely be getting more massages in my life.

On Saturday, Kaitlin and Brittany came over in the afternoon to hang out, which is what I had requested. I wanted my best and closest friends to spend a bit of time with me so I am so happy that both were able to make it, especially Kaitlin. She doesn’t get out of her house very often and recently she’s been sick as her body adjusts to no longer having a gallbladder so this was a double treat that she was able to come. It made my day. I made tofu bahn mi sandwiches and fruit dip, both of which turned out delicious. We chatted for a while and played a few games of Codename Pictures. The afternoon was just lovely, it was perfect. Kaitlin even stayed longer than she planned, which was wonderful. We need to spend more time together without children around (though don’t get me wrong, I love Emmie and Ollie). Brittany surprised me with an adorable cat mermaid ornament that is definitely be going on my Christmas tree this year. Oh my gosh, it’s Pippin as a mermaid, how is that not awesome? I am so utterly privileged to have these people in my life who live somewhat close to me and who love me.

This morning Elisabeth and I dyed our hair with temporary conditioner dye so now my hair has a slight red tint to it. I like it. I’ve thought about dying my hair red for months so this was a nice glimpse into what it could look like if I did a more permanent dye. I’ll have to take a picture and see if the color can be captured. Elisabeth also surprised me with my blow up cake, a staple for my birthdays. It made me feel very loved. She also got me a gorgeous soap bar and a beautiful snake plant enamel pin. Elisabeth gets me. I would never have thought I would like getting soap as a gift, but turns out I love it. There are so many beautiful soaps out there being made by individual artists, it’s fantastic. I will always happily accept beautiful soap. Also, snake plants might be my favorite house plant (I currently have four of them) so Elisabeth hit the ball out of the park (look at me making a baseball reference).

Now we’re about to head to The Melting Pot for my birthday lunch and my parents will be visiting later this afternoon. What a wonderful life I lead. Today I am 31. I was reflecting earlier how my 30th year really sucked. It was full of bad memories. But, through those bad times and because of those bad times, it was also full of me doing my best, trying stuff I didn’t want to try, growing as a person, finding a job and work culture I love, and strengthening relationships. I’ve become a better me and I’m on my way to living a better, happier life. I wish I didn’t have to experience those crappy moments, or relive them now, but I don’t regret the decisions I made or the way I acted. And I don’t regret where I am now. My 31st year is going to be a really lovely one, I can tell.

2 thoughts on “11-24-19 It’s my bday!

  1. An absolute beautiful reflection on where you’ve been, where you are now and where you’re going. Oh my darling Lauren, I love you. Happy Birthday.

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