The rest of my day yesterday was pretty magical. Elisabeth and I went to The Melting Pot where I discovered I had completely forgotten the gift card I had. It was a slight bummer but I figured it wasn’t all that horrible because it just meant that we’d have to come back sometime. Oh darn. This time around, Elisabeth and I changed up our meal and had two cheese fondues and one chocolate fondue, completely forgoing the salad and meat courses. I think it was a good choice and it opens up other possibilities such as just cheese and meat courses in the future. The meal was delicious and filling, as always, and the conversation was lovely and somewhat healing as I reflected on the past year. The server brought out our dessert course and there was a candle in the pound cake that he lit for my birthday. I loved it. As we finished our meal, our server returned and said, “Something really weird happened with your bill. Someone paid for it anonymously.” It took me a second to grasp what he said and after I gasped in surprise I started crying. I don’t know who paid for our meal but that person not only made it to where I didn’t have to pay, they also showed me love after a year of pain. Whoever paid for our meal truly doesn’t know how much it meant to me and I start tearing up now thinking about it. I wish I could say thank you. I wish I could somehow impart the impact that this person had on me. What true kindness and love. I am honored, shocked, and humbled.

Later in the afternoon my parents came over and showered me with gifts. I tell them every year not to get me presents but to no avail. They gave me a plant enamel pin I wanted, some plant watering aids I had my eye on, and the cat wizard print I wanted a few weeks ago. That’s right, my dad did research, reached out to the artist, and worked with her to purchase me the print. I could not believe it. Yet another sign of true love. It made me feel so happy and loved. I adore that print so much, and my parents even framed it for me, how awesome is that?! Perhaps I will hang it up tonight or tomorrow. They brought me baklava from FelFel, one of the best places to get baklava in Denver and they played a round of Sushi Go with me. I won by three points!

This birthday really was a fantastic one and I am partially surprised and partially not surprised with how happy I felt and feel. I have healed from this divorce more than I realized. I continue to be surrounded by people that love me. People messaged and texted me throughout the weekend. I’m really excited for what I will do in my 31st year.

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