Elisabeth and I watched the first episode of Pub Draw, a youtube drawing series by the Critical Role team. You know I love creating art in most of its forms and I’ve always wanted to be a decent drawer but have never really gotten there, mostly because I don’t put in the time. So this series is very intriguing to me because it’s a down to earth, anyone can draw, drawing lesson. Elisabeth and I finished the first episode a couple of days ago and I wasn’t thrilled with how my drawing turned out but Elisabeth encouraged me that we all have to start somewhere. It’s very true.

This afternoon I rewatched parts of the video, used some of Babs Tarr art (she’s the one teaching in the videos) and looked at a picture of myself to draw a self portrait. I love it. I love it so much omg. to the left you can see my first drawing. Not terrible, you know it’s a person, but it’s definitely beautiful or cute. It’s what I think is akin to Napoleon Dynamite’s art style. Hey, I can own it.

Below is my self portrait. Many levels better, in my opinion. It helped to have lots of references and to pause the video (on our first watch through we didn’t pause). I’m very proud of this drawing, like, extremely proud. I think I need to put it up somewhere, maybe my cubicle at work, I’m not sure. I’m going to keep drawing and perhaps keep drawing myself because who doesn’t like to look at an adorable version of them? And it would allow me to get better and better. I’m excited to continue watching Pub Draw and learning new techniques to improving my skills.

Today was a snow day for me so I prepped Thanksgiving, worked on an ornament cross stitch I’m doing for an exchange at work, and took care of my plants. It’s been a good day.

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