Two Thanksgivings is Best Thanksgiving

This year I experienced two Thanksgivings. It was the bomb but I definitely over ate both days (Future Lauren is not pleased). On Thursday, Brittany came over and Elisabeth and I made an early dinner for the three of us. Elisabeth’s cousins were supposed to be eating with us as well but they had to change their flight to land here Thursday night instead of Wednesday so they missed out, sadly. I still had a great time and it was possibly the most relaxing Thanksgiving I have ever had. Elisabeth and I didn’t stress about the food and everything turned out great, although I did overcook the turkey but whatevs. Brittany brought homemade green bean casserole and pumpkin pie. I loved her green bean casserole, she even made homemade cream of mushroom soup for it, it was next level. My stuffing was different this year because I had to switch up both the sausage and the cornbread that I normally use so I ended up adding a few spoonfuls of sugar to the mix and it turned out decent. I’m thinking next year maybe I switch it up even more and try a whole new recipe? We’ll see how brave I end up being and who I’m eating with. We ate and visited all afternoon and even got a bit of cross stitching done. I’m really determined to cross stitch a cute ornament for my work’s ornament exchange but I haven’t quite gotten it yet. I’m currently working on designing a cross stitch pattern so I’m not trying things blind like I had been doing. That worked out okay but it wasn’t gift worthy I don’t think.

Yesterday I had my second Thanksgiving with my family. They were willing to postpone their Thanksgiving a day so I could eat with them, how loving is that. I had such a wonderful time and ended up staying much later than I had planned. My entire family made me feel so loved, I am extremely thankful for each and every one of them and the support they’ve given me these past few months (and my entire life, really). As Kaitlin was saying last night, my divorce has been shitty but it has allowed me and her to get closer, and I don’t regret that in the slightest. I love it!

My mom brought loads of craft supplies over and we all made our own turkeys. I had a blast doing that and really like how mine turned out. I think I’ll bring it to work so it can chill and bring me continued joy for a few more weeks. My turkey is the green one on the right, it’s sitting next to Emmie’s turkey. Emmie, no longer EG, has told me in her own way, with Kaitlin’s confirmation, that she wants to be called Emmie now. While slightly sad that she doesn’t want to go by EG, I am more than happy to call her what she wants to be called so my name for her has now switched to another adorable name I love and one that she also loves. I can be cool with that.

Kaitlin made the most beautiful table for us, with a giant turkey candle holder (it was really pretty), a rustic table runner, but most importantly, our very own cookie name plates. That’s right, Kaitlin found time to bake and design cookie name plates for each of us, they looked professional and tasted exactly how I wanted them to taste. She has really improved in both her baking and decorating skills since she got into making sugar cookies. This was her best icing and best cookie yet, I would honestly say they were perfect. I am so impressed with her and her skills and can’t wait to hire her to hold a class for me and some of my friends. She said she could probably do it for me in February! Let me know if you want to come!! She had some other cookies she made for us that said “thankful” and “blessed” and “grateful” that were just as beautiful and just as delicious.

Kevin made a perfect turkey too which was a nice change from the dry turkey I had the day before. I think the trick is to let him make turkey from now on or for me to just buy a roasted chicken. My mom and dad made the classic Carr stuffing which was great since I hadn’t been able to make it the day before. So I definitely took some of that home with me. Emmie read a book to me which was a highlight of my day as she has never read a book to me before. I try to get her to all the time but she’s never been confident enough, but last night she read one of those Give a Mouse a Cookie spinoff books and oh my goodness it was adorable and melted my heart.

These past two days have been great and this morning I went with Elisabeth and her cousins to Tokyo Premium Bakery and got myself two pastries and now I’m chilling the rest of the day. I’m so thankful for my life and for where I am right now and for all the people that love me and for all those same people that I love back. Year 31 is really going to be a fantastic year.

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