On Saturday I got two birthday cards – one from Lydia and one from Brenda. It was just lovely getting birthday wishes a few days after my birthday, I’m always down for continuing my celebration. They both made me smile and feel so happy. I’m going to put them up at work.

I also went to Tokyo Premium Bakery Saturday morning as Elisabeth wanted to treat her cousins to the deliciousness of the place so I easily tagged along. I did a great job at reigning myself in and only bought two baked goods. Go me!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and spending time with her cousins. I did get enough time to color a postcard with the markers my dad lent me. I really like how it turned out. The plan is for me to color a few more pieces before I color the postcard that is currently hanging above my desk. I want to get a good feel for the markers before I color my plant and cat piece. My dad will bring me some coloring pages this Saturday when we get together for Emmie’s birthday party (yay, so excited) so I can practice on those. Figure they’ll be good pieces to hang on my walls at work.

Yesterday Elisabeth and I went downtown to listen to the Drums of the World concert. It was pretty fun and I was dancing in my seat for a good portion of it. Music really speaks to me and I realize I need to listen to it and dance to it way more than I do. Perhaps a dance class will be next on my list after I get through my painting class. In the meantime, I’m going to find some drum music to listen to and bounce around the apartment to it.

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