This past week was full of training in my department because we’re hiring my new coworker, yay! I’m super excited to have someone else on my team, especially since he’s a cool person. Introducing: Mario. He’s a few years younger than me, wants to travel the world, and loves fairy lights. I think we’re going to get along just fine. So last week he was with us for half days and we went over the stuff I’ve been doing so he could learn it too. On Tuesday we had a potluck at work where I made rice krispie treats. I decorated a few of them as reindeer thanks to an idea Brenda sent me and everyone loved them. I have to say these treats were particularly good, they had a great cereal to marshmallow ratio. I ate way more than anyone should.

This weekend has been an absolute blast. Yesterday I went to Emmie’s 3rd birthday party. Oh my goodness it was so amazingly fun and wonderful, I left feeling so happy. The theme was Frozen and Kaitlin and Kevin had such lovely decorations – snowflakes hanging down from the ceiling, fake snowballs, balloons with silver confetti, and silver popcorn holders. Kaitlin even took the time to make gorgeous snowflake sugar cookies as well as sugar cookie crowns and the number 3. I was so impressed.

Anna and Elsa from Frozen came and played with Emmie and her friends for the majority of the party. All these little girls were completely mesmerized and enjoyed every minute of being with these women. Emmie, who isn’t very touchy feely, gave them both hugs and even sat on Anna’s lap a couple of times. You know that means Emmie loves them very much. I loved watching the girls and their reactions as Anna and Elsa spoke with them and led them through activities. They sang a couple songs, danced, and made wishes. These little girls took everything so seriously, it really was a joy to watch them.

Emmie had on the most adorable Anna outfit and Kaitlin dressed Ollie up as Sven, the reindeer, so he was adorable as well. Oh how I love those two so very much. Before the party, I went up to Emmie’s room with her and the two of us just hung out for five minutes. It was so heartwarming because she wanted me there and she held onto my arm as she lay on her bed and we talked about her stuffed animals. I hope she continues to want to have a relationship with me for years and years to come.

Kaitlin and Kevin put up this really cool backdrop so the girls could take pictures with Anna and Elsa but it also meant that Kaitlin and I could get a picture together! We don’t get many pictures together because we’re always running around so this was a really nice treat. Thanks Dad for taking our picture!

So the party was a blast, the cookies were delicious, and I was very tired afterward. No clue how Kaitlin does it every day. Later in the afternoon Elisabeth and I decorated for Christmas which means I have a gorgeous and festive treat behind me that fills my home with warm light. I love it. I do love Christmas decorations. There were a couple of rough and sad moments in regards to me thinking of Gene but for the most part it was all happiness while putting things up.

Then today I went met up with my old coworker, Lisa, in Georgetown to have lunch with her and her family and listen to her daughter’s choir concert. I had a really great time. The little concert was fun and I liked hearing Christmas music. We browsed a Christmas store where I found stuff for my white elephant gift exchange at work. It’s such a relief and a weight off my shoulders because I’m really happy with what I got. You’ll have to wait until next week to find out what it is! I’m almost finished with my ornament for the ornament exchange. Thanks to Brittany and Elisabeth for helping me out with the design, I’m very pleased. I need to recenter the piece and glue it all down and then it will be done and I’ll post a picture on here.

What a busy but fun weekend I have had.

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