Last night, about an hour after I went to sleep, Elisabeth woke me up to tell me that our building’s fire alarm was going off. Turns out my white noise machine does a great job of blocking out all noise as I hadn’t heard a thing (I’m sleeping the best I’ve ever slept in years, by the way). I felt scared but I got dressed and then proceeded to try to find Pippin because we didn’t know where he was and you know I wasn’t going to leave him. Found him under my bed and had to drag him out by his paw because he was so frightened he wouldn’t come to me. I felt bad that I might be hurting him but not bad enough because I wanted him to live if there really was a fire. As I was getting ready to head out, Elisabeth had opened the door before me and saw a man walking around the hall knocking on people’s doors telling them it was okay. Something to do with someone on the first floor and that we were safe. I guess we trusted this dude because we came back inside and waited for the alarm to go off. Almost immediately after we shut our door we saw firetrucks coming so I figured we must be okay. A few minutes after that the alarm went off.

It was a very weird, scary, and surreal experience. I realize I need to move a little faster next time. I walked back and forth in the apartment for no known reason and went back to my room to grab a second sweatshirt ’cause I was scared I would be too cold. /Headpalm. I don’t think that should be a worry next time. Hopefully there won’t be a next time of course but if there is I hope I think and react faster.

So that was how I ended my weekend. Today I decorated my cubicle with some more Christmas stuff, I’ll have to remember to take a picture or two to share. This evening I made lentil soup to bring to work for our soup group and I’m finishing up my ornament as well. I’m excited for the exchange. It starts on Wednesday but we’re supposed to bring our ornaments in tomorrow so everyone has a chance to look at them before we start swapping. This should be fun.

One thought on “12-9-19

  1. Your tree is absolutely gorgeous! WOW! Excited to hear about the different ornaments at work and how the exchange goes. Have fun! You deserve a magical and wondrous Christmas.

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