Another fun filled week. Wednesday evening I went to game night at the library like I did last month. This time I invited some coworkers and two of them ended up coming, so that was awesome. Two other people also showed up that hadn’t previously so we had to split into two groups due to size. What a great “problem” to have. My group played Boss Monster, a game I had played with my meetup group this past summer but we weren’t able to finish and we played it kind of wonky, so it was great to get to play it again. This time we ended up missing one of the rules too, oops, but we went with the flow and I ended up winning because we ran out of time and I had the most killed heroes. Yay! The library bought us pizza and I brought in homemade M&M cookies so we were totally set with food too. I had a lovely time and I loved getting to drive home in the dark and see Christmas lights. I think I finally realized why we put up Christmas lights – it’s our way of saying “We hate Daylight Savings Time, we need light in the evening so we we’re going to put up lights to defy this darkness.” What do you think? Makes a kind of sense, right?

On Thursday I met up with my friend, Kayla, for another library’s open mic night. Their website advertised that singers, musicians, and poets would be there. What a cool idea and it was free so I suggested we try it out. Turns out it was pretty much a dud, which was kind of crappy but it also meant that Kayla and I got to chat for a bit while we waited for things to start. Excluding me and Kayla, there were only two other audience members. And only one person showed up to perform. It was weird and kind of odd but the librarian host played guitar for a bit and the one performer sang so it wasn’t a total bust. I can see this kind of thing being a big hit so I was bummed that it didn’t turn out that way. I hope this library keeps trying because I would come back.

Yesterday, for my lunch, Mario and I got to go to Top Golf for team building with some of our other coworkers. How lucky am I? This place really values their employees. I wasn’t very good at the golf part but I did try and I so enjoyed getting to know my teammates better and getting to eat food. It did make working in the afternoon a bit more difficult however because I just wanted to relax and hang out, but I managed to get my work done somehow. 😉 Our ornament exchange is in full swing now, the first picture above is the ornament I made. I’m so very proud with how it turned out and will likely make myself one at some point.

Today my goal is to clean my car headlights and go watch Emmie at her little ballet recital. If I can get those two things done then my Saturday will have been a success.

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