Emmie’s ballet recital

It’s basically impossible to describe how adorable and wonderful Emmie is. I’ve been told she’s a lot like me and I tend to agree. She loves being outside, likes reading, sometimes she needs alone time and can easily play by herself, is intelligent, learns quickly, and is very capable. I’d like to think that describes me as well. She’s a mixture of Kaitlin and Kevin as well (clearly) – she’s funny, so amazingly kind, extremely thoughtful, clever, and creative. I love this little girl very much.

Yesterday was her very first ballet recital and it was an absolute blast. Emmie performed one dance (I wish she had more) and she was, of course, incredibly cute. While she didn’t really do the dance, she didn’t cry and she did kind of dance, I am so proud of her. She basically did a jumping jack the entire time but the entire audience loved her, as they should, and she seemed to enjoy herself. She did a great job listening to the teacher and paying attention to all the other dances, which is impressive because it was an entire hour that she had to be on top of it.

At the very end, all the dancers got together to take a group picture and for some reason, Emmie was facing the dancers instead of the audience. I was near the front so I could take a picture (I just watched her the rest of the time) and so I was calling out her name to try to get her attention. She finally heard me and turned around and was so visibly excited to see me, it made me feel wonderful. She said something like, “Aunt Lauren, I’m wearing a red skirt like you!” and then she showed me her tutu. She looked down at it and said, “Well, it has some white in it too.” And I nodded and agreed with her and snapped some pictures and felt such love for this little three year old human.

She asked to hold my hand when everything was done so I walked around with her for a bit and then we walked to her car where she wanted me to ride with her. Kaitlin and I had to tell her I had to take my own car but I’d see her back at her house. At one point while I was at Kaitlin’s house, I went up to Emmie’s room with her to hide some little bead she and my mom found so Ollie wouldn’t eat it. She wanted to stay upstairs for a bit so I sat on her floor and told I loved her and kissed the Olaf balloon Kaitlin and Kevin got for her. They also got her these gorgeous flowers that she was so thrilled to receive, I wish I had captured her face when she took them but I still got a cute picture of her.

Lisa, Brian, Lauren, and Hailey, had come to visit so they got to see Emmie perform as well and it was nice to catch up with them a bit at the house. Lisa even surprised me with TWO boxes of scone mix. It was very hard for me to not make scones today (I went to the bakery this morning so I was trying to be good). I will likely make one of the boxes sometime this week, I think they’ll be great with my homemade strawberry jam.

Kaitlin looked gorgeous and had on this beautiful dress that I was jealous of. Kevin and my dad did a great job watching Ollie throughout the entire recital and Ollie himself did a fantastic job of not crying but instead enjoying all the things. On top of it all, I got to be Kaitlin’s FIRST sugar cookie customer. I bought a cookie from her for my white elephant gift exchange on Tuesday and I’m so thrilled with how it turned out. I think everyone will want my gift this year.

It was such a magical and lovely afternoon and it was very sweet when Emmie didn’t want me to leave. She gave me such a big hug and she wouldn’t let go, that young one is quite the person. She even gave me and her other Aunt Lauren a hug at the same time, it was precious. But I had to go so I said goodbye. I can’t stay away from her, Ollie, or Kaitlin for very long though so I’m pretty sure I’ll be back soon. I couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday.

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