Yesterday was also a pretty decent day. It started with me going to Tokyo Premium Bakery to meet up with my friend Robyn. Elisabeth came too so she could grab some pastries, ’cause they’re delicious, and so she could visit the children’s book shop across the street. I hadn’t seen Robyn in more than a month so I enjoyed getting to hear about her Thanksgiving and listening to her tales of the dating world. I picked up one of the bakery’s cute snowmen pastries and Elisabeth and I ate it later back at home. Look at that funny face! I really liked the pastry and will have to try one of the bakery’s regular custard filled treats next time I stop by. As Elisabeth realized yesterday, we do have a “regular” place – Tokyo Premium Bakery! I had been talking to her recently about how I wish sometimes we had a restaurant we went to all the time but we don’t. So it was a pleasant realization to know we at least have a regular breakfast spot.

Later in the day, Elisabeth and I went to the movies and watched Frozen 2. While I loved looking at Anna and Elsa, those two are gorgeous, I didn’t think the story made much sense and I didn’t love the new songs. The first movie is better in my opinion. I don’t regret going, I had to see it, but if they come out with a Frozen 3, I probably won’t go to the theater to watch it.

In the evening, Elisabeth and I painted the wooden house ornaments my mom bought for us as we listened to Christmas music. It was both relaxing and slightly stressful as I tried very hard to be a perfectionist. I still need to paint the roof and the sides of the house but then it will be done.

Today I had my 6 week follow up visit with my blood doctor to discover that my platelets have gone back down. Boo. It was a real bummer. I cried a little. It means that I’m on to phase 2 of “Get Lauren’s Blood in Order” plan where I’ll go in once a week for the next four weeks and have an IV in my hand pumping me with medicine. /Sigh. I’ve never had an IV before so I feel a little scared about that. I go in this Friday for my first session and it will be between 4 and 6 hours long. My current thought is that on Thursday I’ll buy myself some baklava and maybe a few other goodies and bring them with me on Friday to make it as wonderful an experience as possible. I know I can do it. I know I can handle this. But I don’t like the unknown of what is going on with my blood and health. That’s the scariest thing of all, not knowing why my body is reacting like this and not knowing what will fix it or if anything will fix it. So I’ll do what the doctors suggest and try to keep enjoying my life throughout it. Thankfully the medicine isn’t supposed to have side effects. That’s one positive.

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