My day 12-17-19

Today has been a whirlwind of activity, mostly because our ornament exchange ended and we had our holiday party and white elephant gift exchange today at work. And with those two events, it was hard to get a lot of work done (that’s what tomorrow is for!). I ended up with a really lovely house ornament, it was one of my favorites so I was thrilled that’s what I was I able to get. My coworkers really got into the ornament exchange and the last two minutes were full of people running around doing last minute, surprise exchanges.

For lunch, we all went to a nearby Mexican restaurant where we played our white elephant game. People loved my gift (see picture to the right). It even got stolen once! The lady who ended up with it let a few people try Kaitlin’s cookie that I had included once she heard my sister was starting a business. She figured it was a good idea to let a variety of people try the cookie. I thought that was very sweet and everyone gave positive feedback. I actually felt good about this exchange, although it’s not something I ever feel the need to do. I’m not sure why people love it, I always feel so much pressure, but this year I’m pleased with the gift I brought. I ended up with a really cute cat jewelry holder, it’s absolutely perfect for me. I need to find the right spot for it, right now it’s on my desk underneath my two monitors and I like it but I might move it around a few times to see if there’s a better spot. I enjoyed the lunch quite a bit.

I wore another Christmas outfit today and got loads of compliments. Turns out when you’re festive and you like what you wear, other people like it too. People just love the candy cane tights that I purchased, I had no idea how well received those things would be. I just knew that I would like them and that’s all that I needed.

The head of my department gave everyone chocolate covered peanuts and candied pecans today, what a lovely treat that was. And then she gave the leftover peanuts to my manager who brought them to our committee meeting tonight so I got to have even more of the tasty things. It’s been a pretty decent day overall. May this continue throughout the rest of the week.

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