Today has been a bit weird. I was feeling scared and stressed about my low platelets so that affected how quickly I worked and how I felt overall. On top of that, the internet at work was down for an hour or so which meant I did even less work than planned. But through all of that, I had also enjoyed myself. Coworkers judged the Christmas ornaments that some of us had done and I ended up wining second place for my Christmas tree ornament. I was so proud of winning that I taped it to a piece of paper, made a “frame” for it and stuck it back up on the wall. I won a scratch card as my prize but did not win any money. It was also warm enough outside that I ate lunch outdoors today, which was nice.

After work I saw my therapist, which was pretty perfect since I just found out about my low platelets a couple days ago and wanted to talk about my feelings. She helped me feel better and even encouraged me to look up support groups if I felt they would be useful. That in itself helped me read a bit about low platelets and it appears that I likely won’t die from this, which is something I was thinking about, so that’s a relief. I’ll confirm with my doctor on Friday, of course, but it’s a relief to know that some people live their lives long term with low platelets.

Then I came home and saw an encouraging message from my mother which made me feel loved and happy. Don’t I have such a wonderful support group? Answer: yes, I really do. All of these people have helped get me to where I am today, which is a happy person. I love my life (minus the silly platelet stuff but I’ll get there).

So my day started out weird but it ended quite lovely. And who doesn’t love my new cat jewelry holder?

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