My platelet appointment today got cancelled because insurance hasn’t approved it yet. The woman told me I could still come in but I’d have to pay thousands of dollars so she wouldn’t suggest it. I agreed with her. I was actually ready to get started so I felt disappointed and frustrated that now I have to wait another week. That’s a lot of waiting for me, a least Christmas is somewhere in there.

Thankfully I went to Kaitlin’s last night for dinner so seeing my family helped to lift my spirits considerably. Emmie gifted me a colorful bracelet yesterday. It was a surprise, she told me, and it was lovely. It was also perhaps her first regift, as my mom had given it to her just last week. Haha. I asked her if she wanted to share the bracelet with me, because honestly, it’s a bit small for my wrist, and she said, “No, I gave that to you,” in a very serious manner so I told her I would keep it and take it home. She was so excited to show me all the different colors of the bracelet. It’s very sweet that she remembers I like all colors and don’t just have one favorite. It’s now sitting on my new cat jewelry holder, so I think that’s pretty perfect.

Ollie was adorable when he was dancing to music and I swear that he’s grown taller since I saw him just last week. Maybe it was his shoes. He’s still not really speaking but he can sort of say “yes” and it’s quite endearing hearing him say that one word, he says it with such enthusiasm. “Are you hanging upside down like a bat?” I asked him last night when my dad was playing with him and he answered with a resounding and happy “Yes!”. I laughed.

Kaitlin surprised me with a bouquet of winter peonies. She was going to bring them to my doctor visit today but since that got cancelled she let me take them home. I was happy because those flowers are gorgeous and it’s a reminder that she loves me and supports me. I’ll take that reminder any day! I really like fresh flowers so it’s truly a treat to get them, I took them to work today because who doesn’t want to look at those beautiful things. Kaitlin also let me take home a couple of her truly beautiful sugar cookies. I was legitimately blown away by her design this time, this is high level professionalism that she’s already achieved. And she has a couple of orders awaiting her as well!

So I hung out with my family last night and left feeling so darn happy and excited for Christmas next week.

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