Yesterday Elisabeth came to my work for lunch and she brought with her my favorite ricotta pizza! That’s right, she drove all the way downtown to get this pizza for the two of us. The initial plan was that she would get the pizza for me when I was done at the doctor’s, as a nice treat for completing treatment. But that didn’t happen so she brought it to my work instead to lift my spirits of having to wait another week before getting my medication. It definitely lifted my spirits but it was also just lovely to get to see her and show her my work! After work we watched the new Star Wars movie. I enjoyed it and it was a good way to end my day and my week.

This morning I made one of the scones that Lisa gifted me and was a bit disappointed that my homemade strawberry jam was older than I had realized and didn’t taste that good. Thankfully I had some store bought jam and that was a great combination. The scones were quite tasty and I plan on having more tonight for dessert.

Afterward I went to Nick’s Garden Center and picked up a few more house plants as they’re having a 50% off sale right now through the end of 2019. I bought another snake plant, this one is called Fernwood and it’s really cool. I also got myself two more air plants and what I think is a baby palm plant, we’ll see what it turns into as it grows. At this point I also need to mention how absolutely gorgeous the peonies are that Kaitlin got me, they’ve just continued to bloom and holy moly are those blooms gigantic and breathtaking. Can I spray them with something to make them last forever? Someone say yes!

I received the end table legs I was waiting for so I was able to finally put together the end table I’ve been wanting for months. Now both sides of our couch have tables. And guess what’s on this new table? The new snake plant! It fits perfectly. I also sprayed my house ornament I painted with setting spray so that the colors will be vibrant for years to come. I can now hang it on the Christmas tree. AND I got the two plant enamel pins I had supported on Kickstarter. It’s been a really great Saturday. Dinner is on the stove cooking and Elisabeth is downloading a new computer game for me to try. Christmas music is playing and our Christmas tree is lit and looking beautiful. I’m feeling great.

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