My Sunday was quite lovely as it included brunch at Kayla’s and sugar cookies at Brittany’s. Elisabeth and I got to visit Kayla’s home again and eat her delicious oatmeal breakfast bake. It is so nice to have other people cook for you! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy cooking and baking, truly, but it’s always a great treat to have someone else do it for me. Kayla provided cross stitching supplies and library books on cross stitching as the plan was for us all to cross stitch while there but we got talking and didn’t get to the crafting before we had to leave. No bother, I snapped a picture of a really cute cat cross stitch that I’ll be doing in the near future. Elisabeth and I also want to have Kayla and Brittany over sometime soon to all cross stitch together. There’s so much I want to cross stitch that I like the idea of having little cross stitching parties to help me along the way, and to see people I like while I’m at it.

After Kayla’s we went grocery shopping, made a quick stop at home for a bite of lunch, and then Elisabeth and I were off again and headed to Brittany’s this time to decorate homemade sugar cookies she made. Yet again, it’s nice to have someone else make you something! These cookies were vegan and were quite good. I decorated FOURTEEN of them and enjoyed every minute. I made my version of the infamous Blucifer, a demon snowman, a little me, and many other more festive cookies. This was the first time I went to Brittany’s apartment so I loved getting to see her space. That woman has fantastic taste in furniture. She put on some Christmas music and was surprised to learn that I love to dance. She is now invited to attend the early dance party that Elisabeth and I plan on going to sometime. It’s a party that ends at 9pm, which is absolutely perfect for me. I’m not sure when the next one is so I need to look that up!

In the evening, Elisabeth and I had breakfast for dinner and I played a computer game, Elder Scrolls, to see if I’d be open to playing with Elisabeth. We’re trying to find a game that this picky person likes to play so the two of us have something to do other than watch tv and cross stitch. I enjoyed it and think I might give it another try. In other news, the peonies that Kaitlin got me are still breathtaking and they bring me such joy whenever I look at them. I really need that this week as I wait to get my first treatment for my platelets and I am lacking in patience. They help remind me to appreciate my life and enjoy it as often as I can. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

One thought on “12-23-19

  1. You are so very beautiful. The peonies are just lovely. As far as your treatment goes… you have so many wonderful things happening until then. As Emmy would say, “Enjoy the WOW that’s happening now!” I love you sweet Laurabelly!

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