Christmas Eve

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day. I started steroids again for my low platelet count, just to tide me over until I start my weekly treatment this Friday as I was at an extremely low count on Monday and the doctors were concerned. So I started feeling more confident about my body yesterday once I took the pills. Of course, being on steroids means I don’t sleep as much so I woke up at 5:50am this morning, before I even get up during a regular work day. Guess it means I’ll get to do more today!

Anyway, back to yesterday. I was feeling more confident about my platelets and work was so quiet that my department and I got to chill out for a bit and just chat, including our department head. I loved getting to hang out with them for five or so minutes and get to know my teammates a tiny bit better. Our company even let us out early for Christmas Eve, yet again I feel appreciated and valued here, it’s wonderful. I took a walk at lunch too to get some fresh air and sun on my skin. I told my therapist last week that I will try to get more walks into my life as a self care mechanism and I determined that if the temperature is 35 degrees or above, it means I’m outside.

After work I made some puppy chow, almost two batches of it because Elisabeth and I love it so, and then Elisabeth and I made our way to Stanley Marketplace. We stopped at PetCo first so I could get litter refill and we could buy some fresh catnip for Pippin for Christmas (Elisabeth’s idea!). I got my hair trimmed at my now regular salon. That’s right, I think I found a stylist that I like at a price that I like. First time ever perhaps? Then we met up with Brittany and attended Camp Christmas.

Camp Christmas was this warehouse space filled with Christmas decor in a handful of different themes including beach, baroque, and Santa’s home. We spent an hour wandering around, pointing out all the decorations, looking for pickle ornaments (to no avail), and taking pictures. Oh my gosh I had such a wonderful time. There was even a Blucifer there who captured my heart. I had to get a picture of me blowing him a kiss, as is only respectful and right for the mighty demon horse of Colorado. There were tiny Christmas trees decorated in themes that resulted in a tree pun, such as “artistry”, that were fun to guess at it but I only got one or two. Camp Christmas had non-alcoholic, non-carbonated drinks so I was actually able to treat myself to some hot apple cider and it hit the spot perfectly. It’s very rare that there’s a drink available that I want to drink so this was a great part of my experience.

Once we were done with filling ourselves full of Christmas cheer, we ate dinner at Misaki, the sushi restaurant in Stanley Marketplace. It was maybe one of two restaurants still open when we got out at 6:15pm. They closed at 6:30 but they were kind enough to seat us and let us order. Their customer service was top notch and I wrote them a google review earlier this morning as they deserve a major shout out. Their vegetarian sushi is really good too. So we sat around for almost another hour and ate good food and visited and I felt so amazingly relaxed and at peace I couldn’t believe it. It felt so great. It was nice to get away from the worry of my health issues and to focus on spending time with people I love.

And now it’s Christmas morning and later today I’m going over to Kaitlin’s to spend time with more people I love, what a wonderful couple of days this will be.

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