Christmas this year was fun, joyful, and exhausting. I went to sleep at 9:35pm that night, no joke. The morning was calm and relaxing as I stayed at home and did some cleaning and took my time in all things. Then I spent seven hours at Kaitlin and Kevin’s home and came home so tired. That’s right, I still don’t want children, my niblings are absolutely all I need in regards to little humans. I love them very much and I also love coming home to a mostly quiet apartment (Pippin knows how to talk).

My parents outdid themselves again this year and had loads of presents for everyone. They even got me the vacuum I wanted that I had left with Gene. As my dad was saying, it’s funny how adults get excited about cleaning products for gifts. It’s so true, I’d be very content with a roll of paper towels and a microfiber cloth. The vacuum, a cat vase my parents got me, and Elisabeth’s homemade dinosaur cross stitch are my favorite gifts I got this year. But it isn’t just about gifts, I would be 100% content without any gifts because it’s lovely to spend time with my family, that’s the priority.

After watching some videos Elisabeth shared with me about wrapping fruit and giving it to little kids, I gave Emmie and Ollie bananas for their Christmas presents. They both seemed to really love them and it was hilarious to watch them unwrap bananas. Both of them wanted to instantly eat their fruit. I’m pretty sure I won Christmas this year in regards to the two of them.

Today I took work off so I could go to the doctor and get my first treatment for my low platelets. Elisabeth drove me to the office and both my mom and Kaitlin came to spend the morning with me and help me get through my very first IV. Everything went really well, I got a bit drowsy because of the Tylenol and Benadryl I had to take but otherwise I didn’t have an allergic reaction and I only had to be on the fluids for 3 or so hours instead of the 6 that the doctors told me to expect. Getting the IV put into me wasn’t even that bad either. I felt light headed after the nurse put it in but I think it was all in my head because I had felt anxious and a little stressed worrying about what it would feel like. I can handle it again, for sure. One treatment down and three more to go. I am so grateful that both of them were able to come with me today, it helped the time go by faster and I was more confident with them there. I know I can handle the other three treatments now and I’m ready to get them over with, this waiting game is going to be the hardest thing I think.

Kaitlin brought me fresh flowers which made me smile and she brought loads of games so we ended up playing Phase 10 for a good portion of my treatment which was exactly the distraction I needed. An older couple came in later and played live music for us so we had our very own soundtrack to go along with our game. It wasn’t too bad of a morning but I am looking forward to not having to do this anymore. Come on body, let these next three treatments be the only thing I need!

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