New year, new decade.

What adventures await me?

Well, let’s go find out!

Happy 2020 to all! I’m so looking forward to this year and all the joyful moments I will experience in it. New Year’s Eve I had a few friends over and we rung in the new year at midnight. We played two rounds of Hanabi because it’s Brittany’s favorite game and two rounds of Codenames Pictures. Gotta be honest, we were not that good at Hanabi because we kept pausing to tell each other stories and laugh, so while we didn’t get as many points as Brittany desired, we enjoyed each other’s company and that’s more important.

On Wednesday, Elisabeth and I watched the new Little Women movie and I bought art supplies for the painting class that starts next week! The movie was okay but not amazing. I wanted to watch it because I remember loving the book when I was in elementary school. I’m pretty sure one of my teachers recommended the book to me (Mom, correct me if I’m wrong!) and I felt so special that she thought I would like the book that it made the story even more magical. It was very interesting how Elisabeth and I were the only people in our 30s in the theater, otherwise it was all people in their 70s or mothers and daughters.

I had my second platelet treatment today. This time my dad came with me! I had him take a picture of me. This go around was both more difficult and easier at the same time. My veins weren’t as nice today so the nurse took longer to put the IV in, which wasn’t actually that horrible but got into my head a little bit. Then I felt faint when the nurse took my blood but my dad was there to distract me and I got through it. My arm was colder and every once in a while it stung, so that was a bummer. BUT, I only had the IV in for 1 1/2 hours because I did so well last week! That was an awesome surprise because it means I won’t have to work as much the other days of the week to avoid using PTO. It ALSO meant that I got to have lunch with Kaitlin! That’s right, she drove all the way over to me so we could eat lunch together. It made my day and it was so nice to get to hang out with just her. She even came to my work! She met my coworkers and got to see my cubicle and it was awesome. I’m half way done with my treatments and my platelets are in the normal range again. Here’s to 2020!

Darkest day is done.

Hope spreads among all places.

This world sparkles, yes.

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