I haven’t been sleeping very well this past week so when I awoke this morning to the realization that I had slept great, I knew the weekend would be wonderful. Add onto that a lack of side effects from my platelet treatment and the fact that I exercised, I was feeling ecstatic by 8am. And my lovely day didn’t stop there. I ate brunch at Denver Biscuit Company with my friend Kayla for some one on one time. One of my intentions this year is to build stronger relationships and she’s definitely someone I’d like to get to know better. I had a delicious biscuit and chicken sandwich, which was basically chicken and waffles but biscuit style. Holy moly this restaurant knows how to make fried chicken. I consider going vegetarian every once in a while but then I eat stuff like this and I can’t quite make the commitment.

After I said goodbye to Kayla I decided to make a pit stop at the Botanic Gardens because I hadn’t been there recently and it was turning into a relatively warm day. I had to take advantage of the sun and my garden membership. So I walked around for 30 or so minutes, feeling the peace of being outside and not being freezing. I even spotted a few pansies still in bloom, those flowers are beasts. The Gardens are having an orchid showcase starting next weekend so I might find myself back there to enjoy some more greenery and color. There were so few people there today that for a good chunk of my time I was completely alone, no one was around me, which made it so calming and enjoyable.

I went back home after that and have had a day full of putting up Christmas, taking care of plants, and other odds and ends. I figure today is my productive day so tomorrow can be my sit and cross stitch day. But who am I kidding, I’ll probably cross stitch this evening too! There’s always time to cross stitch. 😉 And while I’m slightly sad to see the Christmas tree go, I’m loving the open space we have again and I cleaned up my plant shelf so it’s looking snazzy again.

Elisabeth and I also got our snack box that Kaitlin and Kevin gave us for Christmas so we had fun going through all the snacks we got from the Philippines. We’ve tried many of the snacks already and so far I really like the adobo flavored corn nuts and a purple cracker thing made out of something similar to a sweet potato. If Pippin wasn’t on my lap right now I’d go look up the name but this cutie is relaxing with me and I can’t bear to get up.

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